Kossel Delta Printer FSR Bed Holder

by Scuttlebot Jul 27, 2015
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Works wonderfully. To prevent the FSR's from stress and damage, it's better to turn the FSR 90 degrees so the entire FSR and wire terminal are flat on the mount.

The tabs are barely big enough for my 170mm Kossel mini, and I eventually will replace them with longer ones.

Glad it worked for you! The tabs are definitely a hair undersized but usually get the job. If you design something better I'd love to throw a link in the description to your new tabs!

Hi, thanks for your design. What diameter glass is it designed to hold?

I developed it with 170mm which works perfectly. I suspect it would work with larger as well though I do not have a larger printer to test. I purposefully left the platform backstop angle shallow to help in that regard.

If you or anyone else wants to try it with a larger bed and have issues send me a picture of the problem and I would be happy to make modifications for a second version to work with larger glass. Its very easy to modify if I know what is needed.

Thank you. I am gathering parts to build a second delta printer. It will be another month or so before I get to build it. Will try to use this design. Will let you know if I have issues making it fit. Thanks for the offer to help.