Mostly Printed CNC -Add On- Dewalt DW660 Mount -Burly-

by Allted Jul 28, 2015
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Is there a dust shoe for the lower mount and DW660? I did not want to have to print all new pieces and was curious if there was a direct bolt on dust shoe for the lower tool mount as is.

What size screws does this use?edit: never mind I see it now.

Hi, where I can find DW660 mount fitting tool mount for 25mm conduit?

Thanks so mch for your help in advance.

LBJ from China

This fits all MPCNC sizes.

Thanks for your great work!

Did you remove any parts from the DW660? Where does the bottom mount to?

Yes most of us take off the collet lock thing.

Allted - thanks for the files.
What sizes of bolts and nuts should one use with mount?

6/32x75, like the rest of the machine for the most part. Trying to keep it easy.

Comments deleted.

I'd really like a vacuum attachment as well. I'm trying to design one myself, but I'm not that great at CAD. What is everyone else using?

Would you consider uploading the cad files for this? It would really help me out.

Has anyone designed a vacuum attachment for the Dewalt 660 yet?

I'm actually doing this now. I'll release it when it is done. It's basically going to hold the tube in place and route the flow towards the tool head a little bit. It's not going to be a full boot. There are other dust shoe designs for the dw660 around

I'm curious how much interest you have in the universal mount. Would you consider including the universal mounting system as part of the core project?

I had to change it. There is a 3rd version soon to be released and I didn't like having to make mounts for the individual sizes so This is what I came up with so 1 tool mount fits all 3 machines. No more mount fragmentation.

The center assembly was updated on 5/25 to include this mounting scheme.

I'm guessing this is for the 23.5mm version? Does anybody have a DW660 mount for the international 25mm version?

Your right, I never realized that.
The dewalt is a US tool only, so I never made a 25mm version. Now that people are using the IE version in the US I need to make another.

I am still searching for a 25mm version of this mount. Is there anything existing or possible to modify your files?
Thank you for sharing this fantastic machine with us!

I have a rebel rotorzip that is 68mm . You think this clamp will work?

I doubt it, it might come close enough to where you could shim it or flip a mount to get it right. Best to design a new one. Being perpendicular is a necessity.

What kind of setting are people using with their DW660?

I'm cutting pine plywood with a 2 flute 1/8th endmill @ DOC 1mm, 12mm/s Feed rate and 2mm/s plung rate

Just a quick question. Does this tool holder use the same nut trap as the default tool holder?

Fell, like out of the coupler nut lock? Can't get it tighter, or is there grease on the coupler nut?

Yes, honestly the coupler nut lock is something that I think still needs to be revisited with a captive nut lock system it's just way too hard to tighten once the whole center assembly is together. I have large hands but I think this is true for probably everyone. I suspect that's what caused my problem trying to hold up the additional weight. Also I would perhaps swap out the anti-backlash protection for just a more secure hold with this compared the much lighter grinder/carver. my 2 cents though. The Dewalt is a beast though, very impressed. I cut out that simple coaster in 5 mins. Actually feels like a real cnc now. only thing tat sucks now is I need to rethink my cable management. The links I printed (like a million of them) are too small for the router's power cables and the Cat5, o well this power is worth it.

Thanks again for this adapter

EDIT: I guess thinking about it the captive nut impression would actually need to be taken out of the back of the middle joiner piece....

Just ordered mine on amazon ~$55 fingers are crossed it works well.

FYI the lower shroud on this tool can be removed.
Nice place to bolt accessories.

What's the noise like compared to spindle/carver?

Thinking about picking this router for my build. Is it a good all around mill? Looking to cut various plastics, woods and aluminum sheet or blocks. Thanks!

I have had 1 user tell me it was great so far but I haven't fired mine up yet. Hopefully in a few hours. So far to me it looks great for the price. Cheaper than the flex shaft I was using and I think 2 times the power.

VIDEOS!!, also when i went to pick up my new grinder I noticed http://www.harborfreight.com/electric-cutout-tool-42831.html looks like a knock off of this one, What do you think?

If the numbers mean anything in proportion to power the HF one has 420W and the Dremel 600W.

i haven't unwrapped by grinder yet and I don't need to cut anything right now. I found the Dewalt for the same price I bought the grinder. So let me know how it works out for you, the grinder was the least consistent part of my machine would love a better solution.

Do you think you can do one for the Bosch Colt? I think I sent you the info on it.

Didn't get any email but the biggest problem with the colt is how far off the z axis It would need to be. longer moment arm on the most flexible part. I need to try this out first to make sure there are not any flex issues. And I still need to work on your micro adjust feet. your keeping me busy.

ah its good for you, if you release the files I could do it for you:) I'm willing to help, as I like to improve on my skills and the machines I'm building. I tried to edit the stl files but can only extrude, cant cut extrude cut. I guess I will wait patiently.

I upgraded to windows 10 and now my solidworks is messed up. I'll uninstall and reinstall after this contest is over.
I have the the blank tool mounts posted, just extrude the circle and add some screw holes.

Mostly Printed CNC -Part- Blank Tool Holders
by Allted

How does the machine handle the weight of this tool?

Weight isn't bad at all. The bad part with a larger tool is the is distance from the z conduit. Larger distance larger moment arm. I have this one as close as it can get. Like 1/16" from the bolt heads. Seems very solid, I want to do a direct comparison between this and the flex shaft hopefully this weekend.