"MG Plus" HotEnd

by rp_one_labs May 27, 2013
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Will this hot end fit the Magergear M2? Also, can this hot end operate at 240 °C? Do you sell replacement cartridges?

I did not tried myself, but I had customers buying it to install on M2. I see no problems, technically it should work, although JST thermistor connector on MG Plus is different from one used on Makergear hotend. 240C should not be a problem, MG Plus uses same PEEK and PTFE plastics as Makergear. I hope this helps.

I see no cooling vents on the insulator. How reliable is PLA printing with this HotEnd?

Dimensions of the PEEK/PTFE mount, length of the barrel on MG Plus are different from J-Head, they are like on Makergear hotend. This is done for compatibility purposes and to utilize proven in real life solution known to be reliable with PLA and ABS. J-Head has whole barrel inside PEEK, which is why, I think, it need vents, while MG Plus has larger part of the barrel outside of PEEK mount. I had no complaints about print with PLA till now, so I think MG Plus mount design is fairly all right and need no rework as far as implementing vents.

What is the diameter of the grove mount? Same as the J-Head?

Yes, it is 12mm in diameter, like J-Head.

Just wondering, but have you ever tried to mount one of these on a Thing-o-matic? I've been toying with the idea to try to improve the reliability of my PLA printing.

Hi, sorry for delayed response. I have not tried this on Thing-o-matic, I don't have one.

Hmm, Using PEEK seems a bit last-year.

I could not agree more, last year I designed it ;-) It was sold to OEM since January 2013. This is improved version with screw-on thermistor. Nothing radical, everything is conservative. Objective was to make reliable and easy to assemble hot end for ABS and PLA print. Objective was achieved. All metal "MB" hotend is not as ready yet as this one is.