Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

D&D minis

by Efgar Jul 28, 2015
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soooo on the group set file the dude in the top hat is not flat on the buildplate like the others. I'm glad i caught it before i had some spagetti for supper. Just thought i'd let you know

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Most of the "Sticks" are to thin. Someone All of these should be made "fatter" to make more prints successful
But those who printed without error looks great

I got a new printer and it uses cura the printer is an anet A8 and I'm not sure if these will work on it. Also these are really good :)

okay I'm new at this. how do you add the supports for the overhangs. I haven't printed it but it looks like it is supposed to just start printing the axe handle and arm in the middle of the air for the barbarian.

Depends on your printer and slicer software. Sorry, I know that's a super unhelpful answer but you'll want to start with sharing that info. Your slicer will allow you to add supports and export to a file that works with your printer.

Thanks for this collection! This is really helping me fine tune my printer and learn its character.

Plus I'll have some wonderful characters to play D&D with!

Printing out the wizard, warrior, paladin, warlock, ranger and barbarian now. I will submit some pictures when completed. Since this group contains a mix, I will be using standard supports with no rafts and print at 0.1mm with 20% infill (honeycomb).

I like what I see so far and if you have time, it would be great to have monsters! But hey, who am I kidding no one has that much time. Thanks again for the share!

Don't worry I found this guy who made a 3d model for literally every d&d monster
model! http://imgur.com/a/57Ypa

Did you use supports or platforms?

I'd say yes to both. it's so small that any shaking of the table could knock the printing over. Touching build plate for sure. and Brim.

I'd really like to have a bard with a viol/violin. Is there an easy way to do this?

These mini's are great! some are nice and easy for printing but many of these models are hard to print without support and a few have solidity errors. This tool https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ can help fix these solidity errors. these are great models andI hope to see more of them!

Another tip is to slice models in half, so you can print 2 pieces and glue together. I might post a remix where I put them in parts for easier printing.

Going to print one of two of these tonight, to 'populate' the DragonLock terrain modules I've printed.

That is so amazing. Me and my friends have been considering this game, and this just encourages us!

thank' for your job!

it would be possible to have the man rogue ? and a necro?

This is exactly what I've been searching for. Thank you SO MUCH!

what would be the best way to print the wizard? the sleeves make wary.

Also i have made minor modifications over Wizard, Ranger and Bard models (make some sticks bolder, fix some floating parts)

Hey there, i have actually close to 0 experience 3dPrinting :( anyway im printing this ones the next week, if you want so you can wait for the final results and i can give you details on the material/quality used for my tests :)

Regards! and thanks for the comment/like


FYI, The tuning pegs on your Bard's instrument are floating in mid-air

Thanks for your feedback, i really appreciate it, i have fix it and change the file :)

Thanks, working on a bard and a monk, will add the paladin too :)