Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

TILT 3DP Racer parts - Rev.4

by The_Tilt_Drone_Racer Jul 28, 2015
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how long as carbon tubes got to be


For 6 inch propellers (do not recommend smaller propellers), 80mm long tubes, 16mm OD, are minimum for a good distance to the carbon frame.

However, this drone can fit 7 and 8 inch propellers too if you make the arms longer accordingly.

We found 7 inch and motors of about 2208 1700kv give long flight time and nice for long range.

For racing and speed better go to 2206/2208 and over 2000kv on 6 inch props

The Tilt Drone Racer...I cannot find recommended print settings for these files (infill, layer height, rafts, etc)...can you help.


Hi, check here an old article I wrote when the XT-CF20 was introduced to the market. For printing details refer to the filament manufacturer recommendations (Colorfabb in this case) and your printer best settings. I used at that time a 3D systems 3D Touch and was a pain and not so good printer so I do not feel like my settings (even if I remembered them) would be good for any moder printer :)

Now, check FormFuture, Taulman and 3DPrima sites for advanced materials, I do not think the CF20 is the best option these days but more like a blend Nylon-CF or something tough with bit of flex for impacts.

Hey, does anyone have files with all the dimension of the drone, I am doing my major work on this drone and I will need dimensions for everything to start drawings.

can you give assembly insturctions

hi can someone make the top plate into 2 peices to big for some 3d printer thanks but great work and would love to make one

Dear, TILT, could you two split the file in half. Can't print, size 215-215. Thank you. base_plate_3DP_v3.6_Sept_2015.STL and top_plate_3DP_v.4.1_Sept_2015.STL

Indeed: in the 'Remixes' section you'll find three different derivatives for smaller printers

Dear friend! Can I ask you to modify this detail - top_plate_3DP_v.4.1_Sept_2015.

netfabb Basic -- this software can split any .stl file.. no need to thank.

Wonderful! Thank you very much for your great work! Let's start printing.. ))

There is already split files on thingiverse.

Can we get the rear tip plate and the printable version of the carbon fiber battery plate? I ordered the carbon fiber top and bottom plates not realizing that I had to order the carbon battery plate to make it all work.

What sort of range is available with the fully assembled tilt drone sold on your website? Both controlling and fpv range are what I'm curious about. Also, would you consider selling a kit similar to the one without the 3d printed parts, but with motors, esc's, transmitter, and fpv system?

With no obstructions and good antennas for FPV (we keep the default whips) you should get about a kilometer but as always, there are so many parameters that affect the range besides obstructions like air humidity (water absorbs RF), background radiation, antenna placements, antenna quality, antenna types (helical, patch, clover-leafs/mushrooms...).

You won't have any problem with ImmersionRC, on few hundreds meters and through trees for instance: this craft is meant to race (shorter range) but can definitely fly further (we have flown it up to 12 min with 3300mAh and I think it can still carry 4000 mAh 4S with no decrease of flight time)

boujour ,je regarde depuis le début l'évolution du Tilt , qui ai une trés belle machine
j'aimerai me lancer dans la fabrication de ce drone mais une question me viens
quel ai l'ordre l'affectation des sortie sur la naze32 ?
a1/a2/a3/a4 ESC a5 servo?
a1 servo a2/a3/a4/a5 ESC ?


Bonjour louff,

Can you send us an email to [email protected] please?

Thanks Pau, time to scrap the old parts and use them for recycling. LOL

Guys, lots of changes and improvements added therefore, I changed the actual TILT 3DP version to Rev.3. This revision might be the last one before considering the TILT 3DP a finalized design.

Adding the action/FPV cam top support in a minute.

Battery plate and PDB subsitution plate added

Is it possible to upload the battery tray 3D file?

Sorry the delay answerign Ace01, plenty of things to do :) I will upload the files soon, sure.

About the base plate, it fits in diagonal in a plate of about 200x250 mm if I recall properly, but still, I know is large for many actual printers. Good that there are already two derivatives to print the base plate in 2 or 3 parts. Thanks!

One more thing. Can you post the PDB tray file?

Done! Sorry the late addition

Do you have the file to print the tensors? Also can we print the belt clamp?

What length are the motor arms and internal shaft the couples the arms also the diameter?

I just added the part 'arm connector' that was missing.


where can I found the Yellow part in the original build pictures? saw 1 stl full part but not exploded


Nevermind :), no way to print the base without having 300x300 build plate anyway

I just added the part, thanks for letting me know it was missing!

Is called 'Arm connector'

Thanks but unfortunately the base is to big for a single print, probably will work if sliced in 2 and glue it back after printed


Read the description, things have been fixed/added/improved!

IMPORTANT: as Timo1983 pointed out, there were a couple of wrong part versions uploaded (gear support L and R) and I will be uploading the correct ones very soon. I'm also revising the rest, just in case. When you don't see this meassage will mean that the files have been corrected/revised but let me know of any other issue you find. I'm also uploading the pulleys but note they were designed for CNC and can't guarantee these files will print well. Thanks!

gear support left and right do not match and the holes do not match the bottom plate... so i am not able to attach them. also the bottom plate has a cut-out on both ends and what are they for ?
it looks like this design differs from the one that you are selling.

if you look at the last 2 pictures in thingiverse "real pictures" , you'll see that the renders differ from those pictures.

been waiting for this ;)
thanks for the upload ! i'll start printing now :P

Awesome! It is a work-in-progress so any feedback for improvements is welcome.

One thing I already admit is that the arms support are unnecessarily complex for 3DP. I plan to make them more 3DP-friendly when I get time, these are basically based on the CNC version