Openbuilds v-slot Y axis for Lulzbot TAZ 3, 4, 5 or 6 printers

by piercet Jul 30, 2015
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Hole locations on the individual drill guides are incorrect. I used these to drill holes for the wheels and found everything to be too tight even with eccentrics adjusted for widest spacing. When I overlay the guides with the combined one, the drilled holes appear to be off 1mm for both of them.

The file names in the PDF do not seem to match the ones in the download. Also, it seems a few models are missing. For example, the belt tensioner. Taz_Belt_Tensioner_Z_Max_Belt_Mount_1_0_a.stl

The instructions reference several sub projects that were developed after the main openbuilds y axis project, that can be fitted with or without the other openbuilds components, so they got to exist as their own separate projects. I try and keep the "official" files in one spot rather than copy them around to multiple projects so I don't end up with old file variants floating around. If Thingiverse had folders i'd probably upload them as sub projects, but it doesn't. The projects referenced in the PDF include the Belt tensioner: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1656341 the bearing hat https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2588359 and the nozzle wiper https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1261303 . You will find the additional files there.

Externally Accessable Y axis belt tensioner for Taz 3-5 Printers
by piercet
Taz 1-6 Y motor upper bearing shaft protector anti break thingy of doom (w/ optional reinforced motor mount)
by piercet
Retrofit Nozzle wiper for mounting a Lulzbot Mini style bed wiper to a Taz or other printer
by piercet

Excellent! Thank you!

You're welcome! I added the links to those projects into the main description as well, which will hopefully make it easier for people to find them.

how big can this design scale to? if you wanted a larger build volume?

The longest extrusion openbuilds offers are 1500mm long. You could go longer with a join splice assuming good support and alignment. At that Pont available bed heater size and belt tension start to become issues. A 500mm x 500mm bed has been done. Larger than that would require custom electronics (bed heater) and maybe a nema34 motor and bigger belt but the frame can go quite large without issue.


is there a build log of the 500x500mm taz?

Not posted anywhere. They basically went with 1000mm openbuilds y rails and 20mm x 20mm extrusion and 750mm 20mm x 20mm x direction frame extensions and a longer x rail. Not sure what they did for a bed heater. The bed plate was custom. They used a 3/16 inch aluminum plate as the bed.

Can the bedmodification dxf and dwg either be removed or updated? I ended up having the holes too closed together on the bed plate, luckily, I was able to use eccentrics on both sides and get enough room out of it...

Otherwise, the upgrade is running great so far! X axis next.

I'll take a look at it when I get home. If you used one of my 3d printed guides they should be lined up fine though.

agreed, I cheated though =) I have access to a laser cutter, so I took the dxf to the laser and cut the template, it seemed like it was probably off about 2mm

The new motor plate for taz 4/5 is wrong, the motor mount side should have the holes closer to the left side, not the right side

I had 50/50% of getting that one right without a taz 4/5 to test it against. Alright, I'll upload a fixed one later this evening when i get home.

Hopefully that one should be correct now. The ironic thing is I'm going to end up having to redo the Idler side when i finsih the belt tensioner mod heh.

the new motor plate prints upside down.

I'll upload a flipped over one later tonight. I've printed the idler one so far but not the motor side yet. It's possible the holes are backwards too.

Shouldn't this be the Y axis?

Yeah, sorry about that This is definitly the Y axis. I was copying the text from my actual X axis project for consistancy and kind of forgot to edit that part. Anyone looking for the real X axis project, It's located here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:866604

Openbuilds v-slot X axis for Lulzbot TAZ 4 or 5 printers or the AO-10X ballscrew modification
by piercet

Have you noticed in print quality improvements with either of these designs?

Now that I have them both bolted to the printer, I can say yes, I have noticed a major improvement in top layer consistancy and thickness, and larger parts stick across the bed surface. Before it was either the middle or the edges. Now the whole thing is pretty much the same surface. This doesn't address the minor Z wobble I have, but I have a project in the works to fix that too.

Not sure yet. I'm still waiting for parts on the Y axis, specifically the bed plate. The X axis will be going on the machine this weekend. Right now I have about 0.05mm +/- flex error at the center of the bed due to weight of the bed and weight of the X carriage causing the smooth rod to deflect down. I suspect the Y axis, with it's heavier mass is probably most of that error. I have really good overall print quality to begin with on most of my prints, this is just an attempt to get additional accuracy out of the TAZ and potentially allow me to print extremely thin object layers. I will post some videos of the thing in action and some resulting parts once it is operational, which should be soon.

Eventually there might be a Z axis modification to go with these as well.