Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Ninja Flex or Fila Flex Gide for prusa I3 Hephestos and Whitbox

by 3devangelist Aug 1, 2015
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I've made this for my Hephestos. By now, I've printed several parts with FilaFlex and it works very fine.
Thanks a lot, very good idea!

Very cool,
Print Flex ... is all i want! :D

first try today printing flex, and this helped just that little extra, so now it just works!!!


I am thinking on upgrade these concepts!

Al poner en mi extrusor de la Prusa I3 Hephestos la pieza guia y pasar el filamento, la pieza que lleva el muelle haciendo de palanca y liberando el gear para soltarlo, se queda abajo. El muelle no recupera su posición. A ti te pasa esto?

to put in my extruder dela Prusa I3 Hephestos the guide piece and passing the filament, the piece bearing the spring making the gear lever and release to release, it stays down. The spring does not recover. This happens to you?
Thank you

Try to ptint the gide with more redolution..

Works great!! Thanks a lot

you welcome ... good flexy printing ...

Can you provide the step file? Or, even better, the .sldprt file if you made it in solidworks... Thank you very much and good job for the design!

these was a fast design, i really don't know were are the files ...

It fit quite perfectly. I will give it a try using filaflex.

Thank you ricaxe! Great job.

Hi can i print this on PLA i dont have yet the heated bed and cant print with ABS

Kiko90 no problem mine is PLA, that part of the block extruser is suppose to be cool.

Funciona a la perfección!!

Probado en bq Prusa I3 Hephestos con filamento FILAFLEX.

  • 230ºC
  • 20mm/s
  • Quitar retracción
  • No necesita laca ni ninguna otra adherencia para que pegue.

Mil gracias @ricaxe!

It works great !!

Tested in bq Prusa I3 Hephestos with FILAFLEX filament.

  • 230ºC
  • 20mm / s
  • Remove retraction
  • No need to varnish or other adhesive to stick.

Ricaxe Thanks!

I am glad that is Woking for you...;-)

In addition to the piece that has been designed also it uses a tensor for printing with flexible material?

If so, what would you recommend?

Thank you

Hello, no i dont use nothing else.. I only desable retraction on cura, but I think that maybe we can print with retraction.. The top speed is 30 mms..

Thank you. I have already printed and placed. As soon as I try I will write my impressions.

Hello have you tested? Have you some modifications.. If you have I can send you iges file..

Yes, I've tried and I've done quite well even with FlexiSMART is rolling a little in and stop printing. I've put the following additional tensor:


Now it is going very well.

Thank you for your contribution that has saved my life :-)

by tomillo

I will test the tensor.. But i am glad that things worked for you.. These is the true community to pay of my effort contribute with your models to.. Best regards..

Hello again,

Could you tell me what are the parameters you use to print on filaflex? They were grateful for Cura.

I use FlexySMART because it is a bit less flexible but I guess I will be worth. It is that I can not print in a decent way.

Thank you