Adjustable Pocket Hole Jig with Vise

by jamimr Aug 1, 2015
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I like this and really want to make one for myself, but the print size is a little too big. Two pieces, the vice base and the screw are over 140 mm so i'm trimming 10 mm out of the vice, looks like it should still be good for a standard 2x4, and I'm taking a little more out of the knob on the screw and replace the knob there with one 10 mm thick. Hopefully it prints great and works cause I'm building a wall in a garage this weekend.

Hi, great design! I have a question about the couplings..
You said to use 1/4" couplings, but the holes are 3/8" wide (a little bigger actually)..
so the holes are bigger then the couplings.. How to insert them ?

Hi. You meed to use a solder iron to heat up the coupling. Please check the video https://youtu.be/JZc5U6zFSso

Having an issue with vice clamp nut. The hole going through the bottom must be too close to the edge. Neither cura or slic3r is printing that thin wall with a 0.4 nozzle

How do you know the height adjustment for the different thickness of wood? Trial and error? Would be cool to see the markings on the side of the jig

The Screw and the Vise clamp nut are too tight, guys dont waste your time printing this, it wont work.

That depends of your printer tolerance. My recomendation is to reduce the screw by 1mm before print it.

I made an adjustment to Pocket_Hole_Jig_Vise file. As it is you cant print it standing up, but I modified just a little bit and I can now print it standing up with no supports. If you print it horizontally, you WILL NEED SUPPORTS:

The Jig Vise still needs one layer cut off the bottom (when standing vertical) to print without supports. Turns out the jig itself is not manifold and needs repairing to print depending on the slicer used. I used Slic3rPE MMU2 edition and printed it on it's top, so the tilted base (with the drill holes) angled down horizontally to the base which minimises supports (which are otherwise needed and very difficult to remove). Also printed the screw horizontally to increase strength and cut about 10% off on the z plane so the screws surface area has good contact. Works a treat!

Otherwise the whole thing looks like it should work well. Printing AWS and will post my make asap if it all works out.


Love the design but I'm thinking of replacing the printed bolt with a steel one. Any chance you have some solidwork files for the build to share?

Hi. The bolts are for adjust the level of the jig in order to use it with different thickness wood.

Yes they are M8 5/16"

Great design. Could you be more specific on what the bolts are?

What size threaded rod as well? Looks like 5/16"/M8

Very nice jig.
I have a question.
What is the purpose epoxy?

Hi. Thanks. The epoxy is for glue the threaded rod to the adjusment knob.

Hi. Thanks. The epoxy is for glue the threaded rod to the adjusment knob.


Thanks for posting this, I'm eager to try it out. I've noticed though that in the file "Pockect_Hole_Jig_for_Vise" there are some manifold issues. I repaired it in netfabb but I thought I'd let you know.

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