Dragonfly Science

by thinkpool Aug 1, 2015
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Technically, any airplane is designed to fly by using drag. The Bernoulli effect requires it to create lift from a wing.

Just saw this, which looks awfully similar to this design. Any formal connection?

Great find. It looks as though they have taken the design and added a motor to it. I like the wind tunnel test they conducted with it. I'll consider it a badge of honor and hope the best for them.
Keep up the good detective work, thanks

Really awesome ! Just awesome idea. Very creative

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It's not that your model "isn't dynamic enough" or "didn't meet expectations" -- it's that your 3 pages of dragonfly science and construction notes omit to mention that your powered model doesn't fly. That's kind of an important thin to mention.

I have to wonder how closely the Thingiverse reviewer looked at it before they did. "Wow, a flying dragonfly powered by rubberbands!? Frontpage, right now!"

Wings are too small. Per the Da Vinci "Flapping Bird" designs which is much bigger and probably weighs the same.

Wings No back Make the top Flat and the Bottem spire edge Round inspired from my Bird from France in 1984 a fellow in France was selling Birds He also had Dragon Flies... they had thin cellifain wings and rubber band power. body has to be light and Rigid they used a thin walled plastic Hull... I talked to his Grandson who is making 3D printed Birds on Support us

You should post this as a "Work In Progress" for obvious reasons.

Beautiful design, Well documented, good photo with a flower, good music in video.... but it doesn't fly. If your job was a programmer you would be fired.

I'm surprised you posted the video. It is a worthy project. As art, nice. As engineering, well, hmmmm. Clearly it doesn't work yet, as the video demonstrates. Still have to figure out that magical bit that makes it go up when you let go of it rather than down. This sort of thing has been done before so clearly, if you keep at it you will get it eventually. Most folks wait until they've succeeded before posting video. Good luck, and remember, as Edison (or some such famous smart guy) said, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Wish it flew. Try a 0.18 nozzle and single wall - 45-50mm/s (outer wall - 48mm's works best on mine - Youll need CURA for this one... I know dont cry, we hate it too, but its only for this one model. S3D and CURA are currently the only slicers that can properly do single walls and CURA still sucks at that too), temperature to match flow rate related to layer height.

Thank you for your comments. I will post a more dynamic model to meet your expectations but please enjoy this model as it has brought me and many of those downloading joy. Your sincerity is appreciated and I will do my best to exceed your requests.
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Thank you.

If you want it to fly why make the frame so chunky, you really need to slim it down to ultra light. Not sure why it's featured seems like a work in progress to me.

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...and I think It's comments like this that kill the fun of doing an innovative project.. Everyone can't have the same knowledge base, and if you kill it with derogative comments right at the start, I'm pretty sure it won't be continued.. So, be constructive in your criticisms instead of just saying you know it better.. Plenty of other fora to act like that..

I agree. There is no reason for Dev to be a jerk. Oddly, he provides good criticism above but then proceeds with a comic book guy type comment down here.

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But...it just can't take off!

I was so hoping it was going to take off! would love to see a successful flight.

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Some of the lines are too small for slic3r to draw them :(. Printrbot simple metal with .4 mm nozzle.

Mine flew away and is still flying, let me know if anyone sees it.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

lol at the flying video

Haha exactly! Err... test 'flight'?!

I'm a bit confused, your video shows it falling. Does it fly?

Flies like a rock...

It flies like an f-35 loll

Which slicing program and nozzle settings do you use to make it? I have tried with cura and slic3r but I only get acceptable results if I select a 0.1mm nozzle. Selecting any other nozzle size the hexagonal design in the head is ignored and the design inside the wings is only partially sliced.
Many thanks for your help!

Thanks for your inquiry.
Slic3r may not catch all the intricate details. So I will post another thicker design for you including thicker wings and hexagon head parts. A lot of people will find your information useful so if you can write a little more about the process of printing the object you will get many thanks. I'll do my best to get the new parts posted.

slic3r could not slice wings or eye where the width is less than 0.1mm. I split the body in half and moved a larger hexagon pattern on to one half for a successful print with no support. May increase the width in the wing veins.

I'm having the same problem.

Printed the wing on a 1 layer raft with nice results. Thickened up the base of the wing leg & slowed print to 10% for this part. Relocated the 3 mm hole to allow 0.1 mm material at the top of wing. Cleaning hole with a 1/8" worked nicely. .

It's not going to fly, so working with the plastic bag would be unnecessary.

Nice project to work with. Thanks thinkpool for all you work creating the dragonfly.