Paper Clip to set up simple photo background

by slepcat May 28, 2013
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Perfect thing, thanks a bunch!

Hey, do you have a version without the L and R on it ? For whatever reason my printer doesn't want to print the letters correctly, resulting in a failed print

Added. Please check at thing files: noLetters versions.

What settings do you recommend for the weighted revision? I have tried printing it out, but the gap is filled in with material. I'm thinking about saving the material, and just using a thin dremmel bit to carve the excess material out of the gap. Please advise (sooner rather than later please).


Nice but too big its a massive waste of filament i gonna create mine from scratch

Nice Idea! Could be very Handy.
Didn't work for me that well though.
Printed Using Velleman K8400 and PLA. Needed Brim because it warped on first try.
Still the gap was too small, could not get any Paper in it.
My Printer is probably just too much diy for printing that correctly.
I'm gonna try http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:106568 now.

Photographic Sweep Stand
by HPaul

RHS prints perfectly, the LHS has too small a gap to print in PLA (220C, taped cold bed, .3 layer height, .4 noz - rep 2 defaults). tried twice and exactly the same - single and together. needs another .25/.5mm in the gap.
yet to try other materials.

Hi - Great idea! I just printed the pair file on MB Replicator 2 in PLA plastic. The right side printed well (with very tight clearance for the paper) and i could thread the paper through it with some effort. The left side had some melted filament in it and the paper could not be threaded through it. We removed the blockage with a pocket knife and now it works much better. Did anyone else encounter this issue and if so have suggestion for what to do to prevent/remediate the issue?

I love the idea, but it make no sence this is out of date, now we have

adobe cs5 after efect,, several other?

im glad people like your ideas
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Love it, made 3 pair. My dad, brother and for myself

Brilliant! I will use this often

I tried this but the gap is on the bottom and my bed squishes down a bit too much. I tried to flip it, but the other side is not flat... it doesn't seem like that's necessary and it would be a lot easier to print on the solid side.

Very cool idea.

awesome - i needed this like 2 hours ago - thank you!

Awesome, you might wanna oil your z axis tho

What kind of filament did you use for the shark? Is that the wood based stuff?

of course i know that stuff.. i just didnt notice it was even printed at all.

YOU FARGIN GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice work! I think these would print better if they were flipped vertically, so that the gap for the paper is facing upwards - that way there'd be no overhangs in the print.

Simple & useful - it's always the best combination!

awesome, I just was just taking pictures for an ebay item last night thinking that theres got to be a better way to hold paper and take a picture at the same time.

Great idea!!! The best use for trip, small size - and paper available anywhere. (sorry for my english)

Looks like it would be good for photographing anything small, and better than my old method of trying to set op a paper backdrop.

Just have to comment, but that shark looks like it was done with that new Wood fiber filament.

Yes, It's Laywoo-D3 wood filament :)

you can make a blue screen movie on this rite ;D

This will make thing MUCH better for me...

yeah buddy! +1 to what thingster said

Ingenious! I love it.

I love such simple but brilliant ideas. :-)

Well, this is just awesome!