Zeycus' Abstract Chess Set

by zeycus Aug 2, 2015
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Attempted the print, doesn't work. BUT NOT BECAUSE ITS IMPOSSIBLE. It's just recommended to have a very fine print set on slow, and an outstanding cooling system. Difficult, but not impossible. Great work on the peices though. They are absolutely beautiful!

Thank you Strider, for your useful feedback and kind words!

Your work is beautiful! Congratulations!

This is printable on FDM with two materials, using a water soluble support material. I am putting my E3D Cyclops dual head together now. As soon as I get it done, this will be the first thing I print. I will definitely post pictures. These are gorgeous!

Thanks, cdeerinck, and good luck, looking forward to seeing your pictures!

The guys in Sinterit asked me some weeks ago to use printings of this chess set in a printer promo. They made really nice prints: https://www.facebook.com/Sinterit/photos/a.299429646933479.1073741827.283652688511175/688799324663174/?type=3&theater

pretty but unprintable( at least the queen) w/o support, and frankly, the detail is too high to make that worth while.

Well, the pics prove it is not "unprintable", and several people have already printed it with different degrees of success. But it is hard to print, that's for sure.

Awesome project('s) :o You think I print this on FDM at 0.05mm layer and 0.2 nozzle?

Thx! Unfortunately I know nothing about 3D-printers, I just make the designs :-)

This set makes me want a resin printer.

How do you print this with supports, like for the bishop?

Congratulations! Your model has been selected as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

the king is made very weak, what are the settings for a solid piece

Helane made a set increasing thickness, maybe you could send him a message:


Zeycus' Abstract Chess Set
by helane

Very beautiful!!!!

Can I print this with a MakerBot Replicator 5th gen or wath kind of printer do you use?

I'm having fun trying to print these in Precious Gem colors (Currently Sapphire Blue) but I'm trying to find a good dimension to them as these come in high resolution but Very tiny. Any idea what I should aim for, base size? (Cm/MM... Basically dimensions to they look uniform.)

You are right, you should rescale them to make them bigger, using the same factor for all of them. For the pieces I printed, the pawn is 70mm tall, rook 130mm, queen 150mm, knight 125mm, and bishop also 125mm, king 172mm.

Notice that I uploaded a new version of the king, with shorter cross.

Wow these are nice but one needs a sla printer for them to come out this nice!

I'm amazed at how these turned out. Which Openscad libraries did you use?

Libraries? Are there Openscad libraries? :-). I did not know, all is done as hull of close ellipsoids. Their centers follow 'trajectories' according to Bezier splines that I coded.

Those designs are super sexy! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Does it need supports?

I do not own a printer, but some people has been printing them. Ask Sloop45, for instance:


Zeycus' Abstract Chess Set
by Sloop45

What units did you export this in? They are tiny when I open the files, about 2 mm base diameter. Scaled that up by 10.
Love this. Starting to print some now. Thank you for sharing!

Yes, I am afraid I did not pay attention to the scale in the files. I printed them quite big, for instance pawn is 70mm tall. King 172mm tall.

Good luck with the print! If you are happy with the print results please consider creating a "Make".

This looks amazing!

Thank you for the compliment! Really glad you like it.

Printed the king so far and all I can say is holy support removal. I printed it in abs and it came out very well. Thanks I can't wait to print out the others!

If the king gave you no trouble, I would say the others will be ok. It is complex and contains the thinnest parts (connection of the crown to the head).

Great! I am very curious to see your results, please create a 'Make' when you are through!

@AxisLab: I do not own a 3D printer. So I order them in the web Sculpteo, I do not know what kind of machine they are using, but even the internal inaccessible parts get perfectly done.

Beautiful. What did you print them on?

Looks to be SLS or SLA prints