iPhone 6 Speaker

by bcoover Aug 2, 2015
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Can someone make the speaker for me?

I can for about $2.5 per hour plus $25 shipping

can i get the drawing from it if it's posibule for my new iPhone

what is the dimensions of the slot?

I printed this today and I found a pretty good trick to get the support material out of the bottom of the megaphone. First I set the support material at 10% (as opposed to the 15% default on Cura) to make it easier to remove. After I printed it, I took an old bicycle brake cable with the head still on it (from a road bike - I don't think a mountain bike cable head would fit through) and bent the frayed end of the cable over onto itself. Then I shoved it into the mega phone and used a pair of pliers to twist it around while forcing it in. I pulled it out and then put it through the home button hole and did the same thing. Eventually i was able to pull the cable out of the opposite end I put it in so that the thicker part of the head ripped out more material as it was pulled through.

Link to tinkercad in order to make the mount block bigger to fit phones with cases?

Is this I-phone 6? File name is I-phone6_Plus. I am confusing.

So this same print works for the 6plus?

How does it sound?

It's not bad. Definitely a boost to the midrange. More spatial, but slightly hollow.

Thank-you for sharing

Is there a trick to removing support material from the inside?

did you have any joy in removing the build material inside? There is no way I can remove this with a long nose pliers???

Yes, remove it very, very carefully. I used needle nose pliers and once locked onto a piece, I twist to break it free, works for most tight situations with support removal...