Easy 35 Pinhole Camera

by coconnor55 Aug 3, 2015
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Does anyone have the "TOP" without the brim? I printed but the cura interpretates like a layer, so its sharp and a hell to remove...

I don’t understand how to load the film. Where is the part that I use to have the film wind on. I know on the left side you put the film canister but where is the thing you tape the end of the film on. Also we’re is the window to see what exposure I’m on. Is it a different model not in the zip file.

As you probably have seen in the comments, the remaining STLs are in the Zip file. You need to use a piece of aluminum foil for the pinhole, and poke it with a very small needle. The red window on the back shows the number of exposures. Each roll of 120 film has a paper backing with the exposure numbers on it.

So sorry for the misleading comments. I was thinking 120 film, this is 35mm film. There is no film window. You turn the winder about 1.5 turns - it's in the PDF in the zip. You need to have an empty spool from a used 35mm film canister to wind the tail onto. If you don't have one, you'll have to sacrifice your first roll (and if you have it processed instead of doing it yourself, ask the lab to give you some instead of throwing them away). You can open the canister easily with an old-fashioned bottle opener.

Just a couple questions. Can i just use a piece of paper for the pinhole. How do i tell how much i need to turn the winder.

There is only one stl but the picture seems to have multiple pieces like the top part and the rotating thing

I'm very fond of this model! I've used it for a year now. I've managed to squeeze in a cassette instead of a takeup spool. I found that the plastic cassettes worked but the metal ones were a bit bulky. In that way all the exposures are safe if the lid is opened by accident. Perhaps something to consider for version 2.0?

I think this is missing the top part of the model.

The top part is in the zip file. The body that you see is an alternate part without the brim.

Thanks! I will point out they were within a few .zip files, for me at least. I think I saw this originally and prematurely concluded the files "weren't there." Just pointing this out!

Thank you for this awesome camera! I printed my body and am really struggling to remove the internal film window using long nose pliers as specified by the pdf instructions. Anyone have tips on how to remove the filament in the window?

That’s strange it came right out for me. Try pulling closer to the top and changing we’re you grab it. Make shure to twist it a little.

Is there any way I could bother you for the top piece without a brim? I can just fit the body sans brim on my M3D, and I'm hoping I can fit the top too.

I've added a body file without the brim - thank you for that suggestion! Sorry it caused problems for you.

Yes, as manugogli said, could we get a source file that isn't STL? The included "brim" in the file makes the camera too large to fit on my Printrbot Play. If that brim wasn't there, I could print it. Trying to edit the STL File but not having good luck. A source file (.3dm, Solidworks Part file, etc.) would be a LIFE SAVER. Thank you in advance!!

Does someone know where to find the editable Solidworks or rhino files?

why the "rewind knob" and the "winder" can't be one single part?

They are two different parts with opposing arrows to indicate the direction of winding, and to make it easy to remember which to use. Just print two of either knob if you prefer them to be the same and remember which is the rewind knob (the one the film canister is on) and which way to wind it.

I'm having slicing issue with CuraEngine unfortunately (Easy 35 B2 Winder)

Sorry to be slow in replying, I was at sea for 2 weeks. The winder needs to be sliced with Slic3r, Cura does not like thin walls for some reason and removes them. Cura works great for everything else.

Comments deleted.

For parts, including the pinhole (the only part absolutely required), check pinholeprinted.com/support/easy35 for the latest sources. The pinhole is available from eBay.

does this work, or is it just for decoration? If it does work, what else do I need to get to use it?

It really works, and you need a pinhole at the minimum (and film). If you'll read the PDF in the Thing Files, it'll tell you everything you need to know. The pinholes can be gotten from eBay - there's a link on my site at pinholeprinted.com/support/easy35 or if you're adventurous, you can make your own from foil and a needle, though results will not be predictable.