modular hotend bowden mount incl. fan duct and light

by toolson Aug 3, 2015
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I spent the whole afternoon designing an extruder carriage similar to this one, however, knowing me mine probably isn't any good. And now i find this, thanks a lot. all i need to do is modify my extruder carriage to fit this system on and then i'm ready to "rock 'n' print"

Hi Lars, a question for the MK2 version of your hotend mount - the BOM lists 2x axial fans but the fan ducts look like they're designed for radial fans, is that correct? Thanks!

Clear enough, sorry I didn't find that page on your blog. Thanks!

Is the blue tube for wire support?

Hi, your designs look really well made, great job. How can I mount this directly to the e3d v6 heatsink?

I really like your designs, can you make a modified version fot th e3d clone?


If it is a clone ...

The E3D v6 hotend from china has a slightly different diameter

All of the clones ive been getting have been the same size as the original. What diameter are yours?

Hey toolson,

why aren´t there holes for the molex connector in your newest adapter? And i also don´t understand the bowden_mount_e...

...oh i see you don´t use a xt60 anymore. What kind of connector is it?

How do you have screwed your fan on? there is no screw nut??

I have cut the thread in the printed part.
You can use a panhead screw for wood instead.

where to get the colored PTFE tube?

Hello, this is simply awesome but how in the world do you power all three fans? I've printed off everything, just waiting for my two 40mm fans to come in the mail and I'll post my make.

Is this even possible with a Ramps board?

connect to heatsink fan to always on power (I loop mine out of the 12v input terminal), and the print cooling fans go into D9 (double check that). D9 can be controlled with g-code, so the print fans dont run on the 1st few layers.

Sure. Connect the two on the side and you have just one connection fpr the nozzle cooling. The one on the back should be always on.

Hi, I like your hotend.
For the led light have you used a resistor, and what wattage is the part?

The COB LED is for automotive use.
That's why no resistor is necessary.
Don't know the wattage at the moment.

I guess it does't heat up too much ? and is it glued? Thanks

It is positioned in the cooling air flow. But that is not really necessary.

Yes, glued with Epoxy.

Thank you, I think I'll print it

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Hi! there's quite awsome hotend you've made here! thank you for sharing. I need to lower my hotend due to new mods of my printer and I was wondering if you can make the adapter to be in the bottom side, like the skrew holes for the carriage to be in the top side of the hotend adapter. Or, if it's too much trouble for you, can you upload the files of the adapter? I printed all of your modular bowden hotend adapter and works great! I don't want to lose the setup to switch to something else...
Thank you very much!


You printed all of my adapter parts? I cannot see them.
Please share your makes.

make = contribution

Thanx! I will print it out and post all the makes :D

This is AWESOME! Any chance you plan to make a dual hotend version?


Still hoping for a reply :)

Great design, really. But i have a chinese j-hotend, the clamp does not reealy fit. do you think you could a a clamp for these cheap, widespread hotends? it would be really nice...nevertheless great thanks ..

You need only cut 4.1mm from e3d_bowden_mount_b.stl via Slic3r.

Diameter of the heatsink is different too. 25MM on chinese hotends I believe

looks awesome, just 30mm fans are hard to source here, while 40mm are plenty available. Do you have an induction sensor mount planed?

40/30/40 mm fan design is now available!

There are 40mm to 30mm converters in thingiverse. But I agree a native 40mm fan version would have been cool.

40/30/40 mm fan design is now available!

Dude, you're awesome! Only problem is I already bought 30mm fans :( Oh well.. I'll use 40mm in my next build.

Hi, a little suggestion here.
For the heat sink cooling fan, maybe a round hole on the carriage will make a better air flow.

Wow.. this is almost exactly what I was looking for my P3Steel ever since I built it. Just did not have time to do the designing myself. Would you mind sharing your source? I would love to make this to work with 40mm fans for cooling the print, since I have a few of those laying around.