Modular Battery Holder

by jasond Aug 4, 2015
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Come on guys. A tiny amount of filing is required around the connecting wedges and their corresponding slots. A minute's work. It's supposed to be an interference fit, and this is 3D printing, not matching metal to 50 millionths of an inch.

The modules do not fit on each other. battery fitting is to tight.

Hello. Thank you for this holder, it's perfect.
Have you please finished modification for 18650 battery?

I like these and have printed a few, but when printing the AA (AA holder 3) on my Ender 3 (slicing with Cura), I get stringing directly across the center of only the center four holes - it's not TOO hard to clear off, but it's a little annoying. I've done some retraction testing, but tweaking those settings don't seem to help with this particular issue (and I don't get much stringing on ~anything else). Anyone have any slicing suggestions?

These are great and a nice addition to my kitchen and desk, and are helping the kids track which batteries are charged! Thanks!

Awesome job jasond! I really like this design. I added some compatible pieces in the Remixes section (some end caps and a sharpie holder).

Any chance one can be made for AAAA?

I tested AA(v3), AAA, 9V and I am very happy with the result. (All printed at 100%)
All have a good battery fit and a very tight fit on the dovetails (hammer might be required).
I am working on a 18650 version. Will update once ready & tested.

Printed wit Ultimaker CPE transparant 80% fill tri-hexagonaal. Rechargeable batteries are a bit bigger and doesn't fit. But it's a great designed I'm very happy with it.

works great noticed a slight warp once batteries are in it flattens itself

great design. Thank's for your work. (I also need the remix with bigger holes for AA batteries).

Batteries fit great for me. The modular aspect is frustrating as they are extremely tight fitting. This means if I want to expand by adding more battery holders, I need to remove all existing batteries and hammer a newly printed piece on the end.

Other than that I really like the idea.

Worked perfectly at 102%. Great design!

Thanks Mate

perfectly printed with an i3 plus, the design is perfect, lovely fit!
awesome, thanks

Can you upload a better version? I tried printing it, and i had to sand the holes a lot and, the connector pegs/things broke.

I have to file the lugs and then still use hammers to get these to slot together. No way will they ever come apart again! Just me?

Same here. Wish they had more tolerance.

i am about to make some of these.. and i read some of the comments and i find them funny as hell... why arent the folks complaining of tight fit just scale the model to 101% or 102%.... beats me...
Good job JasonD for sharing the files.

Because you have to print one first to find out it's too tight and that you have to scale it to be larger.

3d printing is for the patient, and every printer is a bit different and can withstand different tolerances. No one maker can design around all printers. Always do a test print, yeah, it may end up wasting some filament, but that is a small cost for custom solutions to daily problems. I am printing these now, I hope it works first shot, but if it don't, no big, I will modify and reprint :D Thanks for the awesome solution. I love it.

What are dimensions of keys? Working on remix for 18650 cells and still can't get it right.

I've added a remix for CR123 batteries.

Great design.

I've added remixes for C & D batteries.

thanks, I'm learning , I could not make the holes

I have now uploaded AAHolder3 which has even larger holes. Right now it is just under remixes, but jasond will probably put it in here as well.

Sorry but I have to say that the AA remix still is to small for my recargeble batteries. The AAA works just perfect. Thank You for that!

If you print in ABS then shrinkage can cause bowing longitudinally. if you print on an angle so that each layer is not the full length of the design then the distortion may not happen and your holes may turn out the right size. like half tipping it on its end.

I just designed it for the batteries I had on hand but the files that Shrunkyboy put up should work.

I used PLA. The VARTA Batteries are fitting but I have some Energy eco 2100mA that no not fit in...or just really really tight.

Huge, and I mean huge, waste of time. I laid 5 of the AA battery holders out and let them print. You couldn't get a AA battery in the holder with a hammer. I blame myself for mass production but not for the small holes. The AA holes are way too small. DO NOT PRINT! I used the "AAHolder2.stl" file. I do not know how the other file prints.

I made a larger version AAHolder3.

Don't know what to say. The AAHolder 2 is supposed to be the new file I made in response to JasonD's AAHolder that I found to be way to small. I have printed 10 or more of these and the fit is fine. I will download this file and check over the next day or so. My file (AAHolder2) is on the remix page, but JasonD also posted it here. What brand batteries did you use and if they are not Duracell can you measure them? JasonD has some brand I don't recognize in his that fit, but he lives in New Zealand. The standard for AA's ranges from .53 to .57in in diameter. AAHolder2 on my print measures .56 in and the Duracell battery is .55in.

I confirm, holes are too small for some batteries. I had to enlarge them with a drill :D I've also used "AAHolder2.stl" file.

Love your design, I think that another module for usb memory would be a good idea :)

It was posted this morning.

I saw an e-mail that says you couldn't find it, but this is a modified comment. Does that mean you found it under remixes? Jasond hasn't added it to his list yet.

Wow that is EXACTLY what I was hoping for, thanks :) I will upload some photos of complete set asap

I made a larger version AAHolder3

I thought about this, but except for the connector there are a lot of different sizes and styles. If you make it fit the connector, where do you put the cap?

I think that about 12-15mm spacing wuold suffice for most of the USB sticks out there. So it gives us what 7-8 sticks in a row. I personaly don't care about caps :)

You would probably make 2. one tray to hold the cap and one holder to hold the sticks at the USB connector end. After you use it a bit there would probably be only one or two sticks that would ever leave your desk so the caps for the remainder become redundant. Besides, I think everyone has USB sticks with missing caps anyway.

Excellent work! Finally I have printed something usefull!

Can you pleeease add a USB one, a SD card one and a Micro SD one?

USB one posted this morning

Yep. Have a look at Shrunkyboy builds. he has just released an SD card version

Will do. Give me a week. My printer is out out of the workshop while I cut a bunch of wood. i plan to move it back in there at the end of the week. I will do the design before then, but like to do a test print before I post.

Concur on the AA. Too small, batteries get stuck. You said you would update, but maybe got distracted?

I will increase the diameter and put another stl up. Any ideas on what else can be added? Maybe something other than batteries but should occupy the same storage area?

The AA version is way too tight... Came to this conclusion after printing.

An AA battery is 14.40mm while the hole in my print measures 14.55mm.

Double-checked before complaining by measuring the stl : 14.60mm.