Talking D20

by adafruit Aug 7, 2015
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I'm planning on making this it will be my first electronics project since getting a 3d printer. I was wondering how hard would it be to place LED lights inside? My idea is to print in a translucent color then bronze the outside so the numbers light up. Would that be possible?

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great build! it printed really well! I scaled it down a bit to roughly 1.5 inches. thanks!

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How is the balance? Does it have a bias toward any numbers?

Hello, have you guys had this issue with the ooze shield generated by Simplify3D. It always looks like this when printed on my Flashforge. It splits up and falls apart making a mess. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81851980/IMG_20160717_031012.jpg

Here is what it does to my print. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81851980/IMG_20160717_032614.jpg Do you have any recommendations on how I could clean this up a bit?

This project is a prime example of why I purchased a Printrbot Metal from Adafruit. I loved every minute of the build and the write up. A sincere thank you to everyone who designed and programmed this project. Maybe a bigger rolling magic eight ball is next?

This is very nice! :)

Just a quick question, how do I change the numbers into something else? Sorry I'm a 3D printing noob. Any help would be appreciated!

It looks like you'll need a program that can read .SAT files. Looks like AutoCAD will do it, but I'm not sure of any others. Might be a challenge depending on how he has it setup

Sono davvero dei bellissimi dadi xD
Bravo Quattrini che li hai sceli Xddddd

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Great job! I love adafruit and your mission. I think I'll put this next on my list.

Thank you! Much appreciated. Please post up a photo when you make it, we'll share it! =D

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