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Ghostbusters Proton Pack Prop Parts

by TheNewHobbyist Apr 25, 2014
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Hi, how did you print the N-Filter? It's hollow inside with a large ceiling. If I put supports inside, I won't be able to get them out. Any help would be appreciated.

It's been a really long time since I printed it so I don't remember the entire process. That being said I did print it without supports, I had some drooping internally but once I put a coat of black paint on it you couldn't really tell from the outside. I imagine you could cut off the "floor" of the part using tinkercad if you want to print it with supports. Good luck!

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Missing parts like cyclotron :(

Great Work!

But i have a question. Were did you put the Soundchip, aplifier and spaeker for the Soundeffects in?

New to 3d printing here :) these parts are 1:1 scale correct?

Curious, how long does it take to print a big object like that!
Not all the parts, just the biggest part?

Well for mine the shell itself is a vacuum formed piece of plastic. I haven't generated any stats on a full pack print but on my Rep 2X I imagine it would come in well over 100 hours.

Nice work with unbelievable detail!

I am in the process of putting mine together now, I used the vacuum formed shell but I will need to re-scale the bumper parts as they ended up too big and are about 30mm too wide on each side. So just fyi to anyone using the vacuum formed shell.

you are referring to the bumper on the cyclotron correct? if that is the case Im confused because there not in these stl files?

Thanks for the info Daniel. I ended up ordering a resin cast bumper when I built mine, so I guess I should have marked that part as "experimental" on Thingiverse.

Unless I'm confused, there seems to be a flat, rectangular heat sink part that is in the pictures but hasn't been uploaded as a file?

Good catch. That part is part of my Particle Thrower upload. You can find it here:

Ghostbusters Particle Thrower Prop Parts

Just curious whats up with TNH_pp_HGA.stl?

Looks great now. Are you selling the shells by any chance?

Can't say that I am, vacuum forming is a bit outside my skill set. I bought my pack from this guy but it doesn't look like he is making them at the moment. My #2 choice would be these guys:

Looks like the HGA model had some issues with the STL export. I've uploaded a working copy.

This is great, I had been trying to find someone who would let me take measurements of their pack but have been unable to do so. I modeled the ghost trap and I think it came out pretty decent.
I have modeled the Iona shoe polisher (i haven't upload it yet, its not quite finished) which was used to make the PKE meter prop. Would you care to collaborate on that?

Sure sounds like fun. Shoot me a PM via Thingiverse and let's talk details!

This is awesome. I built a Pack about 4 years ago(before I owned a 3d printer) and yes they can get crazy expensive. Please post the files for the gun!

Will do, just have to organize all the files and take a few photos.

WOW! that's pretty darn accurate!
I used to work Wizard World Chicago every year; haven't been there in a while. I may just go this year (My wife's been bugging me to take her, lol)
If I do, maybe I'll run into you!

This is quite literally the best thing on the internet this morning.
Well done. I built a Proton pack a while ago for Halloween out of construction foam, and plastic bits. Turned out fine, but this would have been so much better.