GCCV (Google Cardboard Compatible Viewer)

by Gryphe Aug 6, 2015
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I'm getting a poor quality gcode file from the "Improved Visor" STL. See gcode here.

Tried a bunch of repairs in Simplify3D and Sketchup (Clean Up + Solid Inspector), also tried importing using meters and repairs during the import through SketchUp.

Any ideas?

Very strange. Have you tried using different slicers?

I do encounter the occasional model that refuses to slice properly with one program but does it flawlessly with another. The improved visor did present some issues while I was modeling it but it didn't stop it from getting printed properly.

I should use different slicers but I've stuck with Simplify3D for so long that I'm really comfortable with it. Normally I can get Solid Inspector to fix up the issues but some models just misbehave.

Do you have a good idea of how I could import this into SketchUp without any issues? Or possibly a SketchUp file?

It's a great design btw! Came out great in my silver ABS

Thanks for this, I'm printing one right now! it would be possible to add the source file? I would like to modify the lens holder to handle the 25mm original ones and adapt the phone holder to my HTC m8.

Hi there,

I just uploaded the source file for you. It's a Rhinoceros 3D file. (3DM)


Great! thanks!

Great design. No problems printing this. If everything on Thingiverse printed like this I would be broke and out of filament. Getting lenses for this today and will post pic if I remember.

Could it work with 37mm lenses?

Hello. I love the design, but can not adapt 25mm lens?

please! can you make a version for 5.5 devices like the lg g3? your design is so good

please! can you make a version for 5.5 devices like the lg g3? your design is so good

Is this a replacement for v1.0 or v2.0?

You can consider this a replacement for version 1.