Blaster Rifle print ready

by Rayabear Aug 6, 2015
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hello i can ask how best to glue pla or what you used eventually upload the assembled 3d model and i can look where should come some small parts thank you

PLEASE, Where place this 4 things? I know the first grey is on charger, but this second? Already searched all over internet,.no succes...

Btw nice work!

anyone have assembly instructions??

started to print this but is small whats the % increase?

Do you have any build instructions?

Any Build Instructions .. Almost printed all


I will start to print with this nice E-11 blaster, but one question about the layers, you wrote that the Group G is print with layer 1mm, I print normally always with 1 mm, with which layers you print the others groups ? Oh .... and how much % fill for the group D?

Thanks for the nice blaster

Loved this gun, this was one of my first ever creations thanks to you.
Please note your files have been uploaded here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2460290/#comments with out any acknowledgement to you. it disappoints me to see others upload files with out giving credit where credit is due. Cheers Jace

E-11 Blaster

How to scale is this? I'm starting to get the feeling its a bit smaller then the real thing...

Can't wait to start on this model, I would of really liked some instructions for assembly but I'm pretty sure I'll get the jest of it since I built an E-22 with almost no idea. If it seems like it fits there, then it must fit in that spot right? I've been looking for an E-11 for almost a year, I don't know why it took so long to find a 2 year old model!

I have access to a Makerbot with dimensions of 6.0 x 11.2 x 6.1 inches, and an Ultimaker with dimensions of 12.0 x 9.0 x 8.9 inches. I am not sure if either of these machines are able to print the files for this build. Does anyone have any hard measurements on piece size? The 3D Builder software I have is what comes with the pc I have, and it's not very good in terms of measurements (when it bothers to display them at all).
Does anyone use this software or either of these machines?

Is anyone having trouble slicing these? I'm using Slic3r and I am getting errors for just about every group.
"unable to close loop" is the error I'm getting.


Most have been sorted by letting Slic3r repair them - but I have now got to the same point as langej2572 below.. Group H, F, G just won't work..

It's a real shame cus I've printed A,B,E, I,J, K, L and M...

yeah I know the feels, I'm in the same boat right now.

Just wanted to say thank you for the cool model.
I love the groups and the printing info you supplied is very helpful.
Two thumbs up... I'll share when I'm done.

How did you fix parts H, F, and G? I ran 'em thru a repair and it didn't do jack.

haha awesome. i saw the model and thought, "it looks good but that grip isn't right!" thanks for this upload!!!!

I'm in process of printing this. TK15279 of the 501st. Looks like an awesome model. I have taken the liberty of revamping a few parts. I have incorporated a new knurled handle to replace the smooth one in your model. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks for doing this. I am posting my progress and a link to your model on my build. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/39292-3d-printed-e11-blaster-build/

Hi. How can I get hand on the knurled handle? Watched your thread, but found nothing. Regards

I'm still working on some of the other parts. I'll be posting them after I complete the other parts and recompile. If you send me a PM I can send you the knurled handle via email.

Rayabear, do you have assembly instructions or some sort of guide for building this? I have the parts all printed, but don't want to start assembling until I look over some steps. I am bound to forget some small part somewhere!

Great work!! I can't wait to print this!! is the one you are selling on ebay an updated version??

Yes Jay, This was the first iteration that I just did for myself (and here). This is just a wall hanger though. I spent a few months remodeling it to be a trooper & Cos Play worthy prop. Then, a few months later a few inaccuracies were pointed out to me and another total remodel using dimensions and specs in the Star Wars Canon from the archives of the 501st Legion FISD website White Armor.com. Thanks for the kudos. I've launched 4 blasters and I'm working on my fifth model now. Check out my ebay store.

Awesome! Would u by chance sell the 3d model to print for personal use? I just want to print my own blaster

I constructed my print of this model with a Doopydo resin e11 as reference. I'm sure i missed one or two details that was intended by Rayabear but my assembled rifle looks better and more intricate than the Doopydo rifle, which is part of a 501st approved costume.

I'll post a make later when i'm done with the finishing on it.

This is an excellent piece of work, Rayabear.

I'd love to see a construction manual.

I am having issues slicing Group H. its making the open magazine slot closed off with infill... Netfabb and my slicer are having issues displaying these models - missing surfaces

Comments deleted.

I printed the Parts and they look great. I had a few problems but i could handle it. Now i try to assemble it, but on the images I can not see where all the parts are back in. Could you please upload a construction manual.

yes if u figure it out pls post it

Same here. Can't wait either :)

Well Rayabear I for one cant wait for you to release the files and understand why you want to wait. Im patient will wait for the updated files to print this. Thanks for all your hard work!

I know its not easy to build, I've done 3. That's why I have been working on "Mark II". I have re-designed almost everything improving the model. I've added tabs and holes for barrel alignment and thickened most parts to increase strength. Many other part alignment assists, Improved trigger group making trigger and safety switch functional, improved shot counter with better graphics, the collapsible stock is now functional (I'm proud of that one.) You can fold it or open it and no longer have to decide which configuration to build. I also added knurling to the grip like the original. Basically I turned it from a wall hanger to a CosPlay Prop. Just one thing. I'm also writing detailed instructions for assembly. I've spent a lot of hours on this re-design and I'm not distributing the files until I find a contest to enter. I need to try and recoup some benefit from all my work.

Hey guys Just about to download and print, Just thought I would send out an awesome thank you for adding the details in your instructions.
I wish more people would do the same .

Matty G

What Slicer are you using? I used MakerWare. I re checked C and D and they sliced fine. If your not using the FREE MakerWare maybe you should DL it. Hope you make out OK. Be sure to post pics when your done.

on "c" the bottom of the barrel is about 1mm higher than the bottom of the handle.

I am indeed using MakerWare version If I try and slice C without supports, it slices just fine. Once I turn on supports, it gives me an error about 35% percent in. I will keep digging and see what I can do.

Anyone else having problems slicing Group_C and Group_D? They are the only ones that seem to be giving me a hard time so far.

Can you upload a demostration of the gun?