Vienna Giant Wheel (Riesenrad)

by stylesuxx Aug 9, 2015
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Thanks, nice project, i'm just ready with Printing all the things, now going to build.

Great! Looking forward to your make!

Wich glue do You use ?

Super glue in this case, bur i prefer to use plastic glue or chloroform for PLA nowerdays.

Where did the assembly instuctions go?

What are you missing exactly? I did not change anything to be honest,...

Step by step instructions. I think they were there and now, they are gone. Also the material list a cant see any more. Bearing size etc. Thank you this awesome item tho.

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What's the scale ?

the scad file parser error on line 321: syntax error

Which version of open SCAD are you using?

ok, upgrade to 2015.03-1, it's fine now.

The link to the bit with the motor mount is dead.

What is the height of the wheel once finished ?

The total height is 38.5cm

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Do you need to print the bottom of the back stand twice. Doesn't say to in the instructions but looks like you need to.

Jup, once for each side.

EXCELLENT! Love it! What printer did you use / hot end? Also could you imagine if that speed was scaled to real life? We would have some pretty sick passengers lol.

Hehe, yeah I could not find a Motor with the "proper" speed, was thinking about building an up to scale gearbox, but that did not fit into the deadline.
I am using a printrbot plus LC with the Ubis hot end.

Fantastic piece of work !

Congratulations, if i had a printer i would definitely make this! The best entry in the contest for sure

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Holy cow man! That looks amazing! And the fact that you did this in such a short time. Deep respect! ;)

Looks nice!
But are the wagons dual color print supported? I dont like post processing like coloring them

Nope, unfortunately they are not. I do not have a dual extruder printer,... Maybe I will look into this some time next week.

Really good work, really nice

This is an absolutely wonderful idea and an even better job at design and creation. GREAT work!

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Thank you :-)
I still can't believe it :-)

Yes, this is IT! I see the real thing daily from my window! Great job!

Thank you :-)