Marvin the Martian Ray Gun

by edditive Aug 7, 2015
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how do you print this? I don't see how the body parts are printable from ANY angle without a ton of support material?

are they "in" the correct orientation by default for printing? it seems to have the main body parts on their ends instead of inside down which makes more sense and the one part has a nub that is in the way of it sitting flat?

IE what orientation did you use for printing these parts?

I haven't uploaded these files in any particular orientation - I'm not in the habit of telling people how they should print parts since every printer is different and everyone's needs are different. But in this case yes I did print the body parts in the orientation shown. You will end up with some support material no matter which orientation you print them. The only way to really minimise this is to lay it down with the "ACME" writing on the build plate, then lower the print a bit more to effectively remove the 2 decorative ribs. There would still be some support, but it would certainly be reduced if print time or material waste are a concern.

I just could not find any great orientation. Hence why i asked. :-)

Did not like how it was coming out so i am changing things up. I merged the grip with the main body as one part and ditched the alignment pegs so it would lay flat. Then just a couple of key supports added to keep it from collapsing.

I could print all 4 parts as one meged part and was going to do just that but i need it open so i can install some goodies :-)

I am going to have fun with this i love marvin. He rocks!

OK I think I got it. I removed all the tabs so I could lay the pieces flat (inside down) on the print bed. since I am gluing it together anyway no need for tabs.

no support should be needed at all for the main body except where the trigger cut out is and a tiny bit of support for the arches on the outside (might not need it but will print cleaner with it)

no support inside at all. let it droop. my printer is ok with bridging and it will be on the inside anyway so irrelevant and invisible. no infill. well its set to 35% but I set it for 8 top and bottom layers to make sure it catches up to that droop and won't have any sag or support issues for the fine details (ACME and the detail bars) should come out nice. its printing now I will know in the morning.

I will probably extend and THREAD the barrel in a later revision so I can remove it cleanly. this will give me access to the battery it will need to have inside I hope. looks like enough space. or maybe have a hatch in the bottom of the hand grip with a screw to hold it on.

I am super excited about this build! I really appreciate you making this!

printing everything in yellow except the trigger and dial that in black so no painting will be needed. printer is tuned pretty nicely so the finish "should" be pretty nice.

we shall see.

Awesome yes I saw @Tobrew who has made one of these merged many of the parts together - at the time of printing this I only had a small Up Plus 2 printer so had to make lots of smaller modular pieces!

Look forward to seeing what you end up with, if you combine parts feel free to add your files as a remix so others have the option of printing your version :)

I figured that was why. I hate support. really really hate suppport. :-) so I goto great lengths to avoid it when possible even as good as simplify 3d's support is.

how did you get the 3 ring barrel to print so cleanly? mine is usable but no where near as clean! very nice! I know the up box's are good units!

Nothing fancy to get the print like that, the Up's are just a reliable machine. But the parts were undercoated with a filler and sanded before painting, so this really helped clean things up as well. If you haven't already you can read more of the details on my blog https://edditiveblog.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/marvin-the-martian-ray-gun-complete/

Would it be possible to post the CAD file for the nozzle, I am having problems printing it and it may just be too big.

Sorry I'm not in the habit of posting CAD files, especially since most people don't have access to Solidworks which I used to create this. I'm not sure if you're talking about the physical size (which shouldn't be an issue since the nozzle is smaller than some of the other pieces), or the file size, which is only 3.8MB which is very small. Are you able to print the other large pieces?

Its note the file size that is the issue, I have tried to print the nozzle twice and both times it failed at the same spot.
Not to worry, I am recreating the nozzle( with a few minor changes).
Thanks for the response

Strange, sorry to hear it didn't work out. I've opened the STL in Meshmixer and MeshLab and can't see any errors with it, so not sure what could be causing the error. Hopefully you can post your modified nozzle on here if people want an option :)