Playing Card Shooter

by LoboCNC Aug 8, 2015
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I have printed a few of them and none worked properly. parts did not fit correctly mostly the bearings 608 I have purchased quite a few different ones but none fit correctly. could I please get a copy of the solid works files so I can adjust the sizes as needed.


Are the original files available anywhere? I'd like to mod it so it works with business cards.

For business cards, I think you'd need a complete redesign because they are so much smaller. They are also much more difficult to throw than a playing cards, so I'd expect you'd need to do a lot of experimentation to get the right balance of rotational to forward velocity.

Oh, yeah. I could post the files Solidworks files (I'd have spend some time cleaning them up), but I guess I'm saying I doubt they'd do you much good.

If you could, I'd really appreciate it.

I've uploaded all the Solidworks file as a single ZIP file. I don't have much time right now to go through them, so hopefully they aren't too messy.

thank you very much! I'll keep you informed if i make anything worthwhile.

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dang i wanted to shoot my brother he annoys me?!

Hi, I had a question about which bearings to get.
Should I get the metric or imperial bearings: https://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tn/?searchterm=608zz&hdrsrh=true ?
Also where do you recommend getting them from?

You want to get metric 8mm bore, 22mm OD, 7mm thick bearings. The industry designation for this type of bearing is 608, also known as skate bearings.. You should be able to get 10 of these from Amazon or ebay for $5-10. They can also be found at any place that sells in-line skates or skateboards.

Hello, Sir
Could you explain a bit the design of the transmission chain? how to calculate? I want to learn more about this cool thing
Thanks in advance!



The photo of the partially assembled gear train shows best what is going on. The first gear (towards the handle) has a big gear barely visible underneath the rubber tire that drives the small gear of the middle gear cluster with about a 5:1 step-up ratio. The big gear on the middle cluster then drives the small gear on the output wheel with another 5:1 step-up ratio, so overall, the output wheel is going 25x faster than the input crank. Also, note that the rubber tire on the input crank is slightly eccentric so that once per revolution of the crank, it rises up and pushes the bottom playing card forward into the output wheel, which then grabs it and launches the card at high speed.

And Can we motorize it? and how to estimate the torque needed?

Thanks for your explanation..
I have another question about the rotation?As you explained"wheel is off-center, and there is also a slot in the side of the tray, so that as the card is driven forward, it also rotates"...But how does the torque generated? the driven force is pointing forward..but still need a pivot point counter force? Is it friction from the half tray makes it? and I had an idea, maybe we could control the direction by some how without change the shooter direction....idea is from when we throwing a card, if release at different angle or position it will fly out backward sometimes with a radius... Is it possible to realize this?

The card rotates because the output wheel grabs the card off center and as it accelerates the card forward, the center of mass of the card generates a small amount of torque that makes the card spin as well.

No, it needs some o-rings, bearings and screws. All additional parts are listed in the instructions.

hey this looks awesome! I'm in the middle of making this, but noticed, you said the crank is one of the parts that DOESN'T need support? I haven't printed it yet, but I'm assuming it does. Is that a mistake? I'm pretty new at 3d printing, but it sure looks like it won't hold up on it's own.

thanks again!

Thanks for catching this - yes, the crank does need supports. There was an old version of the crank that didn't need supports but I forgot to change the instructions when I updated the crank.

This is printing beautifully for the most part, but I'm having a heck of a time with clearing out the support material where the holes inside the "gears" are. I'm dying to put this together and try it! I have an idea for an addition as well, but I need to get it to work first.

Please post a video when you get it working!

absolutely and I'm anxious to! However these gears, none of the holes inside them are coming out well, I can't clear out the supports. I'm using .2 mm, I'm using slic3r, oh and ABS. not sure what to do to make it better. I might try taking a drill to the parts!

Do you think I'll be OK to try and make this using ABS instead of PLA? I don't want to start printing it if ABS won't work for it.

Thanks so much.

There's no reason why this shouldn't work in ABS as long as your layers are completely fused.

that would be nice to have a money gun remix :)

I've found that the precision of the gearing is very critical due to the high gear ratio - if things are completely flat and true then it's incredibly difficult to turn the mechanism without jumping teeth on the gears or breaking the crank. I'll be having another go soon.

I just uploaded modified versions of the crank and eccentric that should help keep the crank from breaking. (I've also updated the assembly instructions.)

And if you are jumping teeth, then maybe the teeth aren't quite fat enough - try increasing your extrusion multiplier a little.

Thanks for your updates LoboCNC. I'm having another attempt at making this. I've employed the use of cooling ducts on my Flashforge Creator Pro and I'm also printing onto a glass bed sprayed with Dimafix. I've now got a super-flat, super-precise set of gears and a trigger printed, so I'm confident that along with your updates this time it's gonna work out well. I've already got all the screws, bearings, O-rings, etc. I'll update with a photo if I'm successful.

Gives a hole new meaning to 52 card pickup loll Great little design.

Great product and I'd like to make one but I'm unsure about the o-ring size as I can't seem to find that exact type you specify. Can you give a little more information please? Thanks.

-330 o-rings are nominally 3/16" thick, 2 1/8" ID, 2 1/2" OD. If you search for "dash 330 o-ring", you'll find they should be readily available. If you have a choice, get softer ones which will grip the cards better.

Many thanks. I've now secured the O-rings and bearings. The left and right side print really well as does the trigger. I like the way the leaf-spring works so well. A fan blowing over the gears and wheels helps to keep the shafts true when printing but on the next one I print I'll probably put them all on one plate to help each one cool a little as they print. I should have one ready this weekend and I know I'm going to have to make a couple for friends. This is right up there with Emmett's gear cube as one of the coolest things to make.

REALLY COOL! maybe you can make a left handed version?

To make a left-handed version, just mirror all of the parts. I think most slicers have this feature.

such a cool idea! definitely going to make!