3D body-scan (structured light)

by SexyCyborg Aug 9, 2015
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This prints fine even at 50% on new printer cr10spro

I like your cyberpunk outfit.
You're cute little Diy hacker.^^

you should do one of these nude... because you look absolutely amazing, it would be wonderful to print!

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Pretty sad your boyfriend is making you do this. And kinda sad you're taking all the credit for timaz's work.

Go troll VOX instead. Your SJW lies are not welcome on a maker forum.

I love everything you do Naomi. I bought the Xiaomi Mi Sphere after your YouTube Vid. I love it. Thanks.
You should do one of these scans naked, as we have all seen pretty much all of your gorgeous body. I would be honored to operate the scanner. Pleeeeeese?

Isn't this the youtuber that reviews product for chinese online store website?

You are ugly. Your comment is without warrant.

I apreciate your contribution and will print your model in my new Photon as you did in the video. I am not sure how you did get that print without using support for the hands do.

Sorry for late greeting here. First of all, It is supposed to be a good thing to say hello to here, but I did not notice the existence here. I made YouTube video using "your Sexy & Cool 3D Data". It is "Your AVATOR of CyberSpace". :)

(I gave $3 USD tip to designer Naomi for appreciation. ^^)

Hi. Do you have the new model statue like standing up, open wide legs like X and arm down wide like M?
let me know If you scan new one.

Do you have a 3d model of you sitting i trying to build an interior for Remote control car. Thank you

Very cool! Thanks! :-)

Hey! Thought you should know; it looks like this site: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/art/sculptures/nude-japanese-angel-2
Is selling downloads of your model without attribution.

So I have printed four of these and none of them have made anything yet..... I give them full access to my workshop .... nothing what to do?

ah super cool how to do that scan :)

Printed this upside down and only needed a couple of supports around the head and shoulders.

I think I've found my quality control test print. One thing that might make it 'better' would be if you were wearing the 3d printed bikini, but that may be a bit late now. :-) Thank you for sharing your image.

I just bought a life size printer. Are you worried that there will now be clones of you around?

  • Doppelganger in Full Effect. LoL :)

Thanks for being brave enough to share this imagery with us. - For Science

You are amazing and Inspiring!

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WoW! This is gonna need some serious support;)

beautiful body thank you for share

You blinded me with Science! I welcome the Cyborg overlords...

Thank you for this excellent and significant contribution to Open Source.

Beautiful, You crashed my repetier host lol.

Is anybody else reminded of that old movie"Weird Science"?

You forgot to print the ass

This is an asian, those have no ass ;) I have to know it, cuz I am self half asian.

Can I have the SPL for the left model?

Are you totally sure you haven't put tho's knickers on backwards? ;)

Wow, I choose you over the print, you are just beautiful. Aside from that, very impressive work.

Well you just look great in plastic!. I may have been distracted by your assets, but what is the printer settings for this model.

You weren't wearing too many clothes when this scan was made...

She doesn't wear too many clothes in general

Bless her for that! Not only smart and B.E.A.utiful too.

I printed it on the MP Mini Select I got for Christmas and it turned out great. You are awesome, thanks much.

heard that's a great little printer. Glad it worked out. Thanks for the tip:-)

You do not get enough credits for what you did.

I no longer see this download available. Did I miss something?

Where is says "This thing may contain NSFW content, are you sure you want to view?" you have to click "yes". I just downloaded to test it.

Oh, I see. I completely missed that. Thanks! I love your designs and ingenuity. Have a great rest of your week, and 圣诞快乐!

I cannot get this to print right. The legs, the body comes out well, but the shoes never come out like they should.
If I "cut of the feet" the print looks good until the chin.
The chin gives me the same problem as the shoes. When it is printing that part it starts to look like a beard because after a while the nozzle touches the plastic because of the upwards curling.

What happens is that the plastic curls upwards and outwards when it is busy filling the shoe with plastic. I think the plastic gets too warm and thus gets warped. I tried another fan, i tried lowering the temperature of the plastic and lowering the bed temperature and I tried printing out two of the same objects next to each other, but it did not work.

The bed is level or else the rest of the print would not come out right.

Any tips on what settings i can print the shoes?
If anyone has a Wanhao i3 printer, could you be so kind to share your cura-ini file or gcode file so that I can read out the settings?

ps. creator, thank you for all your hard work!

Did you try slowing the print speed? Narrow things usually need slower print speeds so they have time to harden...

Thank you for your fast reply! Could you please share a cura ini file or a gcode file? (Then i have more numbers to compare).

friendly greetings, Henric

I printed the version without high heels and then it went fine, but not the hands and the chin.
Both stick out from the body.
Maybe I have to print using support? Is support needed?
Can anyone please this newbie by giving some tips :)

edit: I see now a picture (that sexycyborg uploaded) with the support still on it.
So I can answer my own question..yes it needs support :)

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What scanner did you use?

It says in the description

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So sehen also die schönen Seiten des 3D-Drucks aus. Hut ab für soviel Mut.

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I was (still am) going to scan my Megaloceros Giganteus, but that would be a maximum resolution off 1mm :-/
I can't compete with this... I'm going to look into some optics, to see if I can trick the scanner.

Anyway while checking out some scans / prints, I just had to comment on this one...
18.888 Download and only 390 likes (me included) That only 2,06% of the total downloads ?

Please people give a person some credit. It's a hell of a job to stitch the point clouds together, but maybe even more difficult to upload the finished model. Yep it's without doubt the maker herself.
(2016-04-16) 18.984 downloads 393 likes 2,07%

Nice job !!! Check out my "Weather Control Remote" 0,06mm resolution http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:838803

High resolution Weather Remote (actually a rock)
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Thank you for making your hair not hang down freely without touching anything else, especially the pony tail: support structures for bits of hair are tricky.

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Do you use that to make clothes, like shoes? Does it work for that or is 3d scanning to innacurate on the feet?

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Why the hell are so many comment deleted ? Anyway beautifull piece keep enjoying it ;)

A lot of the comments are just awful trolling.

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Hey man no seas asi.. esta super el render..
Apologies for ichano... seems to be somewhat of a D*ck...

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Any chance of getting the texture file as well?


Oh wow,

You weren't kidding that you know some 3d artists; that model cleaned up pretty well!

Facial expression and hair are nicely detailled!

could you describe the cleanup process??

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ripple effect-> pictures where taken all simultaniously with tl lighting //////
holes-> not enoug light/camera positions ///////
shoes -> to shiny leather (I don't mind tho! ;-) ) //////

PS, set poisson to 10,6,5,1 , apperently samples per node is also a factor. http://vr.tu-freiberg.de/scivi/?page_id=365

Ugh this site has terrible formatting of comments.

oh yeah, in meshlad, select view -> show layer dialogue

PS. To bad no color data was saved (that technology should be capable ot that). ///
PPS.: there are a lot of great meshlab repair tutorials out there. ///
PPPS: to get an idea of what pptgui can generate; https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pptgui ///
PPPPS: I did a quick repair now. faulty data erased, but the lack of other data made it quite impossible to complete. I'ts a closed object now, so printable. ///
I've reconstructed as much as possible. your shoes where to shiny, and your more pronounced female features did cast a considerable amount of shadow.


I stumbled across your model and it sparked my interest in more than one way. I'm in the middle op experimenting with the ppt toolkit ( ) to achieve this at home. Key is very good lighting with no shadows, and no shiny/transparent surfaces.///////

to bad your model is missing some essential parts.
Have you tried fixing it in meshlab?
I woud first delete as many of the faulty meshes (around hands, ...) as possible, then try a reconstruction via fitlers -> remeshing, simplification and reconstruction -> surface reconstriuction:poisson ////
make the first tow values 10 and 8, and play around for better results/////

I'll give it a quick shot

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hi there,

We (me and an associate) have recently made a scanner, and when i read your info, then i remark that maybe there are not enough camera's.

We used about 150 camera's positioned in a circular form so every part of the object (in this case your body) is covered . this is very important. It is possible to fix this model but it would be less time taking to make a better scan.

And for the structure of the object it is best to take 2 pictures one with projectors on (for better recognition of the object) and one wit only colour (just the pictures). this makes it easy to convert to 3D object and makes it easy to work on the mapping.

Very nice try though.

My god, you are beautiful^^
But every blue conture is a hole which must be closed.
Converting to stl is no problem.
But repairing the file is not possible, because too many surfaces are missing.
Maybe scan again?
Avoid shadows, stand straight and take youre shoes off (the shoes are completely invisible in the file).
I hope next time i can "print" you and your smile ;-)

There seems to be a fairly regular ripple throughout the model. Do you know if this is a normal artifact of the Structured light process? Seems like the best method would have been to put you on a rotating platform and capture a few different versions of the same pose then combine the meshes into a single mesh with less noise and hopefully fewer holes.