Filament dry box for 3-4 spools of filament

by bummster Aug 9, 2015
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I am printing 1 spool threader with each of my filaments. one in wood, one with black, silver, clear, gold etc. also I will stagger the threaders, one high, one low, etc.

Can you design a cap that can be placed at the end of each filament tube to increase the air tightness? Not sure if it's required...

Nice design - I'll make this, I think. Just one thing though: please stick to ONE system of measurement (preferably metric).

The pain is real. All my designs go in metric, but the easy to find parts in store are imperial. That's just the reality of a tinkerer living in 'murica. :)

Is there an Amazon link for the original box?

Any chance you could release a version that has a curved output tube for spools that are below or above the printer? I have my spoils inside a cabinet below the printer and the bend coming out of these fittings causes binding. Need a gradual curved tube. Thanks

FYI, no one ever said "blingy", and I hope you have long since divested yourself of the practice.

Out loud, yeah... In text, it gets me. Buahahahah

I know this is probably a silly question but how many of each file do I print for this project?

Depends on what box you start with. For the box as shown, 2x of the U shaped ones. 3-4x of the filament outlets. A buddy of mine found a similar sterlite box that is much larger. I think it was the 54qt? Anyhow, I vaguely remember him putting in a few rods and staggering them vertically to fit a lot of spools and desiccant.

How much % infill should I use? Isn´t it better to lay the part down ?

Yep, lay them down flat. I haven't bothered to figure out how to reorient the origin of my 3d files coming out of solidworks to play nice with thingiverse.

Infill, probably 100%. The parts themselves are quite small with thin cross sections.

Best open line to a description ever...

It's a small take from full metal jacket... I'm not sure if it was meant to be like that but I'm betting it was.

It's a take on the Marine rifleman's creed... "this is my rifle, there are many like it, but this one is mine"... Ooh Rah.

Semper Fi. OEF 2007-2011

3.75" down... that will be center of threaded rod or top of holder?

/necro! I don't remember tbh. Easy enough to measure and approximate when you've got the parts on hand though. I do believe it is the center of the rod though.

Hey, thanks for this.
Two comments from my build.
1) when placing the exit ports keep in mind the size of your spools.
2) my spool holders place additional drag on the threaded rod and this caused other spools to un-spool. I fixed this on my box by installing a washer and nut against one of the rod holders to apply tension on the rod and stop it from spinning.

Good point. Thanks for stating this issue.

Would these work for screwing into you passthroughs? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01KV55HI8
Says it's M6 but 3mm thread not sure of thats length or M3 width.
PTFE Tubing OD: 4mm
Thread: 3mm
Height: 18.5mm
Net Weight:26g
Material: Copper

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I haven't needed a back plate, so I haven't made one. I've got two dry boxes in rotation these days, and I haven't had any of the rod holders pull out from the plastic containers using typical 3mm hardware. I'm printing with makergeeks filament, and their spools are on the wide end of the spectrum. So, I've got 3 spools per box, and there hasn't been much of an issue. I've seen some other remixes and such where people are holding something like 6-8 spools using PVC, and they look to be fine too.

Metal fender washers would probably work pretty well, but if you need a back plate, reply and i'll get it modeled up.

Thanks for your reply.
I created a plate, because I ran out of washers:

Works like a charm, thank you.

Back plate for dry box

I'm a "dry box believer" maybe because ambient humidity in my home can run 50%+ sometimes, but I definitely notice a difference in filament performance between the day it comes out of the shipper's bag and a week or two later. I can get it back "like new" by baking the filament in the oven at 180F for 2 hours, but that's a pain compared to a dry box.

I was going to put pass through hardware on my box too, but the first thing I tried was just drilling a slightly undersized hole and pushing the teflon tube through it, it holds well enough probably without any glue... to that I added a dab of "liquid nails" (nasty stuff, which is why it's still around, I used up all my clear silicone caulk) and so far no issues with the tube pulling out.


YAFR (Yet Another Filament Roller)

Just picked up the parts I needed for this. Appreciate the upload and the nice item.

Don't forget to throw one of these in there too. You can pick them up for about 50 pence each.


Simple and does the job nicely. Thank you.

Do you have the Thing or file for the center of your spools? It seems you have all the other parts, but not the spool center.

I didn't post any thing files for spool centers since there are quite a few out there. They go by a lot of names. Spool center, spool hub, etc. But since you asked, I'll post up the three that I used on this one in my designs. :)

Is the pass-through this so called spool hub?

Thanks, they look quite nice :D

Anytime! Like I said though, there are a lot out there. Some are based on parametric designs that you can use the customizer on too. I gotta learn how to make things for that one day.

i notice that a nice oil supply somehow makes things run smoother, good for the bearings, good for the filament adn extruder and somehow seems to also bond well 'layer to layer but do not have any on the glass surface unless u want the print to just slide off in the middle !!!

Very interesting. I just saw a filament dust filter of sorts here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:492067 My printer is of a delta/kossel variety. I think i'll try to remix that filter into my pass throughs as an option.

Universal Filament Filter and Lubricator

that is an excellent idea, esp. in humid areas like the south where some of these materials suck up the humidity in the air, ie nylon ...

i suppose some of that dessicent packets last a while " - are ther hole plugs for the pass throughs that arent in use ?

Looks like someone had the same thought and made a plug to fit the pass throughs http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1522888

Filament Dry Box Add-on - Filament Port Cap / Plug / Cover

I figured a pass through that has a PTFE tube and filament is air tight enough for me. :) Unlike the picture I posted, right now all four of my pass throughs are in use with a short length of filament left exposed so I can pull and use whatever I feel like without having to open the box.