E3D V6 Clone Cooling 40mm Fan Duct

by anthonywob Aug 9, 2015
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Reading your description, it seems that this fan duct is suitable for the E3D V5 heatsink, not V6. The V5 is 25mm in diameter with M6 threaded mount for the hotend, while the V6 is 22.3mm in diameter with M7 threaded mount for the hotend. See: https://e3d-online.com/v6-heatsink-1-75mm-universal-with-bowden-fitting

"Changes since v5
v5 v6
Weight 35g 20g
Overall Height 50mm 43mm
Large Diameter 25mm 22.3mm"

Damn I didn't read everything properly.
Watch out people! It doesn't fit at all. Waste of time.

Yup only fits 25mm diameter fins

If you don't have the time to redesign, why don't you include the cad file?

Wasted 2 hours and it won't fit....

You shouldn’t be so sour man.
It’s for ~25mm diameter fins as that was the size of the hotend clone I had at the time.
Your hotend obviously isn’t this size, sorry.
I’m not sure I even have the CAD file anymore -obviously can’t design for everyone.
You can always design one on your own it probably only took an hour total with one revision for tolerancing.

Not sour. Simple request to avoid people wasting their time. As you can obviously see it is very common for it not to fit. Probably more common that it does not work in fact.

You can’t expect it to fit cooling fins that aren’t 25mm, if it says it’s made for a 25mm cooling fin in the description and comments down below. Sorry you wasted a print. Posting the cad file isn’t much help if you don’t use the same platform much of the time - and I use PTC Creo which isn’t very common among the hobbiests and editing IGES or STP files doesn’t always work like you think it should.

Thanks for the tutorial

Wow, wasted a whole two hours of your PRINTERS time. Man, how will you ever recoup. Read the description next time and stop blaming the creator for not catering to your ever whim. Oh, and RTFM!

It's people like you who chime in on a conversation that is none of your business that make sites like these so difficult to enjoy.

If you can READ, you would notice that I asked for the 3D model so I could edit the thing to meet my needs and the original designer CLAIMED to not have the model....go figure.

Go back to you hole now.

Lol I would give it you if I had it, it’s not a conspiracy. I have reformatted my windows many times in the years since this was posted and don’t always see the need to keep files like these. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dude I'm over it. I have already designed my own shroud.

That fellow was an ass and needed to be told so.


first conversation in here that made me laugh.

doesn't fit to chinese clones (barrel 22.3mm)

jup. just experienced the same thing...printed this while waiting for my E3D clone from gearbest. now I testfitted it...too big.

I printed this with PLA and it's working superb! Nice design, thank you! Does anyone know any nozzle fan designs that can go along with this fan?

This seems lightly too large for my E3d Clone. it pops on good but spins quite easily. Does anyone else have the same problem or is it a non-issue?

It seems recently that some of the clones are larger than the used to be possibly leading to some issues with a tight fit.
Best bet is to just use a hair dryer on the part and slightly deform the part so that it will fit tighter around your specific clone.

Printed mine and it is too big. On Mine it is 22.1mm.

Thank you ! Fit perfect.

lol i printed it expecting it to fit on a e3dv6 hotend.

Yea the clones are ~25mm in diameter the originals are not.. Sorry about that.

maybe you could make one that fits the real one? because the design is so nice :) !

Haha. Maybe if i get the time

Nice design! Fits my extruders perfectly, from a Chinese kit by MaxMicron. Printed it in PLA with 0.25mm layers, and it is working well. My clone fins are 24.8mm diameter, and there are 10 of them 31.8mm from top to bottom.

So what´s the diameter of your heatsink? My clones are 25mm diameter...

Yea just about 25mm, think my calliper measured it at 24.6mm or something just under 25mm

Thank you so much for this design! I could have drawn it, but I am laazyyy!

I printed mine in PLA, no issues with melting. My lowest cooling fin is still cool to the touch when printing at 175. Will be printing some ABS soon so will let you know if this causes any issues but I think it will be fine. The duct does a god job of keeping it cool.

Been printing with ABS for a few hours and cooling fins are just warm to the touch. Printing at 240 bed at 100. Duct does not get even close to warm enough to melt the PLA.