Makerboard Game #1: TwixT/Reversi/Go (and more?)

by LokusArts Aug 10, 2015
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Thanks for replying. Actually, you responded with a private message to me back in 2015.

phew, I'm glad! Haven't been very active here recently...

The link to the makerboard doesn't work anymore

Thanks for the heads-up! No idea what went wrong there, for some reasons it was two links mixed in one - should be fine now :-)

It looks way cool, and I'm happy to see that piece design in physical form. Thanks for your hard work! 25 links for each player might conceivably not be enough, though. I'm confused about the handicapping corners. Handicapping tokens that I have seen use just one hole, not three. It appears your tokens use holes which are supposed to be available for one side or the other to place a peg. Do you use an alternate rule set?

My bad, I just checked and actually printed 50 links - it's been a while :-P

The reason I designed the handicap tokens as corners is that they're also used for illustrating which way each player has to go: I printed them white and painted half of each corner black. That way the board does not need to be painted which might be confusing for other game setups (currently working on the third one :-) ). You're right again saying that the corners take up holes inside the playable area, but I figured that wouldn't matter since the moves right on the edges are usually done very late in the game and rarely occur in the corners, in which case the player would just replace the handicap token with their peg. That happened only once so far, though!

It is of course your design, but if you want to indicate the border lines with your handicap tokens, you don't need to use up any hole in the playing field in order to do so. IMO it does matter, a lot. Even if those holes are never actually played in during the game, your design interferes with the process of reading the position. If you look at my crude top down image here: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2634447/twixter you will see a possible alternate design which occupies only one hole, the new corner hole which is outside the playing area. Use whatever colors you want. Does it make sense to you? It won't be locked in place as securely as it would be if it used three holes. Place it carefully and it should work just fine. And you need only two such pieces, mirror images of each other. The other two corners could be corners of the board.

For an even game, you don't need to use any such handicap tokens. I see you have grooves around the board where Twixt border lines belong. Just make some corner pieces which can align with the grooves in the four corners of the board. Am I making sense?

Yup, that does make sense...I'll have another thought about your handicap token but won't be ableto design anything for the next few weeks. As for the grooves: they are not very deep so I won't put any pieces in there - they would get lost in an instant :-D

The grooves don't have to be deep. These corner pieces I'm talking about, which are to be used in an even game, could be the same size and look just like the handicap tokens I'm talking about, but without the red part that attaches to a hole. They just have ridges on the underside that fit into the grooves, so you place them in the corners and they stay put. In a handicap game, you would still use two of those corner pieces, and you would also have two handicap tokens. Suppose, for example, you follow the convention that in Twixt, white moves first and white always receives any handicap. So, looking at my diagram, that would mean that your board would have vertical grooves where the handicap tokens indicate the black border rows. The black part of each handicap token could have a ridge on the underside, to help lock them in place. Maybe I should draw better diagrams to show what I'm trying to say. I will get back to you about this. I greatly appreciate your receptive attitude!

I would like to design my own thingverse Twixt corner and handicap pieces for your board, which you would be most welcome to use if you wish. This would be my first foray into designing something for thingverse. I notice, on your "Makerboard Universal Base" page, you mention that you don't actually print out the 25cm x 25 cm board, and it looks better made with wood. That sounds logical to me, but if I'm going to make these pieces with ridges on the underside that will fit into the grooves you cut, I need to know three values. Please, how wide are these grooves, what is the distance from the center line of a groove to the center line of the nearby border row, and how far apart are adjacent rows (from center line to center line)? Thanks very much!

Oh, I am so sorry it now took me 3 years (!) to reply to you - I think I didn't get an eMail note because your comment is treated as a reply to yourself by Thingiverse..?

Anyway, in the unlikely case you still want to work on that corner/handicap piece idea, here are the dimensions you asked for! :-)

  • width of grooves = 1 mm
  • distance from groove center to border row center = 5 mm
  • distance between adjacent row centers = 10 mm

Using the same pegs you could also play Pente. Fun. Simple rules like Go. Easy to learn, much harder to master. I've been beaten by a five year old!

Thanks, sounds interesting! I'll give it a try soon :-)