VR Headset for iPhone 6 Plus (google cardboard upgrade)

by mikebattaglia Aug 11, 2015
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Interesting. I didnt really know how lenses work so I made an adaptable lens system for mine, as well as simple eye adjustments. Cool work!
9x less parts than mine :D

Does anyone know what the focal length is for these? 45 mm or 40mm?

Hi, do you have the qr code to calibrate this? Please

QR code? I didn't need to calibrate mine, seemed to work fine.

please give us qr code

Hey, do you have the qr code to calibrate this?

anyone have some suggestions on the best way to insert the lenses?

Printed mine today and it took about 15 hrs. But the print turned out beautifully... No Supports, just the Raft.

Just a reminder, this is a Version 1 of the Google Cardboard and you'll need the 25mm Diameter lens; if your planning on dissembling yours. I had the Google Cardboard : Stars Wars Version, which is a Version 2; and comes with the 32mm (I think) lens. So I had to order some lens off of Amazon.

Finding out how to insert, the lens, seems like it is going to be a hassle. Because you don't have access to the inside of the unit.

The lenses snap in from the front. The hard part is getting the battery to fall in the hole on the inside so that you can snap the washer on the outside.

Would you mind sharing your design file? I would like to remix this to widen the holes for 37mm lenses. Thanks.

I have to say that I love this design. I've printed two other popular designs on Thingiverse and they both suck. The problem with most of them is that you need a very high level of precision to get any moving parts to work, like gears or knobs. This one does not have any moving parts so it feels very solid. Also, I hate having to add/remove rubber bands all the time. The slot is excellent. I know it looks like it would print unstable at the 45 degree angle, but mine printed perfectly.

Any idea if this will fit a Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. Bassed on the dimensions, it should be wide and tall enough. I'm just concerned with the thickness of the phone slot. The iphone is significantly thinner than the moto. How much leeway is there on the thickness?

Would this fit a Nexus 6?

Can you print this with ZERO infill as well?

Really like the simple design and the effort to print without supports. Excited to try tonight. How did you fit the lenses? Also do you have any issues with the volume buttons pressing on accident?

This printed really well -- thanks for sharing your design. I have to say I was skeptical, when the print started and when I was slicing it, that it would work w/o supports but it turned out really nice.

Thanks! Glad to share. Still want to add a hole for the headphone port at some point; haven't gotten around to it yet.

Always a challenge to design something like this without support; the trick is the angle at which it's printed.

Really nice work!
Is there a version for the iPhone 6 or a way to print this one to scale for the 6?

Thanks! Unfortunately not but I bet there is a way to design an adapter for the iPhone 6. Haven't had time lately.