Printing Plates for Spiderasaur

by MakerBlock Jun 26, 2011
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Thanks for this "thing". Unfortunately, the abdomen assembly is difficult and I am not happy with my results.

No problem! I'll rush you a full refund!

Thanks, man, that's only fair.

But seriously, I wasn't complaining about your spider, I was lamenting my own inability to correctly assemble it. Have a look at the pictures of my spider (well, my version of your spider). You'll see that it looks just fine, except it looks a bit as if it had stomach cramps.

It's not your inability man. This design is flawed. For some reason 80% of what I download from TV is usually half-assed. In most cases I just end up designing my own from someone poorly executed great idea :)))

Hi, thanks for this!
But need help for abdomen, I'm going to be crasy!
Sometimes I insert a parts and one other is going out!
Don't you have a plan to make abdomen?

I wish I knew how to put this together :(

Great build plates, many thanks - My one is printed at 2 x sized and in Faberdashery Glow-in-the-dark PLA.

I can't figure out how to get all the parts for the abdomen to fit on the spine. No matter what I try, they get in each other's way. Irritating.

Arrange all of the rib-like pieces, largest to smallest, then put the largest piece on the abdomen, closest to the head. Keep adding the next largest all the way down to the end of the abdomen. It's a snug fit, but totally doable.

Doesn't seem this version of assembly is right. Does this design belong to you? Going from small to large abdomen doesn't look right, and doesn't seem right either. We all know you posted this free of charge, but what is the point of posting half-assed designs without assembly instructions? To embarrass people? Yes it's free, but nobody likes to waste their time.

38 people have uploaded Makes of this design over the last five years. Perhaps some of them had similar problems and documented how they worked their way through them. If not, this design carries a license that allows you to remix it into anything you see fit. Give it a try!

Printing Plates for Spiderasaur

Took a pisco sour to get my mind loose enough to get it done, but it's done! I'll post picture tomorrow ;-)

Picture posted. 42 grams of ABS or $2 of printing costs.

Is anyone else having a problem with plate 3? My ToM prints the first couple layers then shifts on the Y axis about 1 mm then continues to print the remainder without issue. I can trim it all down but I was curious if anyone else was seeing the same thing I am.

ToM. HBP. MK6.

I've had the same problem with prints before. I think it may be that you are extruding too much plastic then your print head is dragging through the layers causing enough resistance that the belts/motors skip. I have yet to fully fix this problem with my Prusa, but PLA seems to alleviate the problem to a certain extent. I have bad luck with ABS.

Hey DigitalBytes,

It sounds like you're skipping steps. This can happen if your feedrate is too high, your belts too loose or too tight, motors getting too hot, or if your motors don't have their potentials calibrated properly.

What was your process for converting the dfx files into stl?

Hey Linkreincarnate,

Actually, I just organized the existing STL's from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:9321http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

However, you can import and extrude DXF files directly using OpenSCAD: