Stratux ADS-B Raspberry Pi case. (Single RTL-SDR version)

by helno Aug 11, 2015
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I just want to say thanks, I've been printing these for my local EAA chapter, they're great

You're welcome.

Any reason why you are still using this one? The big SDR's are kind of old hat now.

I will pay for someone to print this for me, get back to me at greenfrog42@hotmail.com
I don't have a 3d printer or I would do it myself.

I live in rural southern Virginia and there is no one around here with a 3D printer.

Where are you located. The cost of shipping would probably be more than the printing cost for someone local to you.

Were can I find the firmware to support the GPS? I did not see anything regarding GPS AHARS support on the users group?

Thank you so much for creating this ABS receiver and the printed case.

I just did the case (and it is a derivative of another case)

The real credit should go to Christopher Young aka https://www.reddit.com/user/strangerwithadvice

Here is the project website.


Going to make one for dual rx's?

Stratux ADS-B Raspberry Pi case. (Dual RTL-SDR/AHRS )
by helno

It will need quite a bit of change to do a dual setup. I kept it sized so that it could be printed on a 6x6 bed. What I will probably do is make a third layer that gets screwed on that will house the GPS/AHRS as well as a fan and have a place there for a second RTL-SDR connected via a short USB cable.

For people interested in changing the art design on the case, do you have an OpenSCAD file you can share?

I shared the solidworks part files as well as STL copies. I have never used OpenSCAD so not much I can do on that front.

Neat derivative for an application that I had to research. Learn something new every day I guess. I'll share with some of my friends who fly.

It's a pretty sweet application of open source hardware and software.

A huge amount of the data on http://flightaware.com/ is fed from devices doing this on the ground.

The Stratux software replaces a $900 device.