by Winslow Aug 14, 2015
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Hi guys,
I'm printing it at 70% and I really need somebody's help with the Balustrade
how can I improve my settings to prevent this result?

I'll attach the print image and the settings


Stevegong - Just seen your photo of the one you've printed at 50%. It looks great! I would not have believed it would turn out so well at such a small scale.

Stevegong - Many thanks for your VERY kind remarks. However, I really don't think it will print in one piece at this size on a Makerbot Replicator: The distances between the curved wall and the pillars are too great, and the distances between the balusters on the balustrade are also too great to print properly. If you reduce the size, then some parts become too small to print, (as dougwaugh discovered below.) Originally I designed the model to print in three parts. PART ONE: Base, lower part and pillars; PART TWO: Upper part and dome, and PART THREE: Balustrade. This printed just fine, except that the printing times were exceptionally long: The bottom part alone took 19 hours. This is the main reason I split up the model as shown here.

Winslow, this model is gorgeous! Possibly the best model on thingiverse. I think this object can be printed in one piece - could you please upload a one piece model of this? I'll print it today and share pics!

Dougwaugh - Many thanks for your complimentary remarks. Sorry you had problems with the Balustrade. During trials I printed it three times and it came out perfect each time on my Makerbot. I fully realise there will be problems with it if you are printing at a reduced scale, but judging from your remarks it seems you are printing at the 'original' size.
Darth: You will find print times for all the parts under INSTRUCTIONS (above). Sorry it takes so long. Originally I designed the Base, the Lower Part and all the Pillars to be printed as one piece, - it came out just fine, but took 19 hours to print! - so I separated them.

Winslow -- I've been printing out the parts for Tempietto for the last three days, and am finally almost finished. The parts all printed out really well, with one exception. The tiny uprights on the balustrade are very thin and weak at the base, where they attach. As a result, a few of them simply fell over and separated from the base when I was detaching the part from the build table. I think I'd better reinforce all of them with a drop or so of superglue to strengthen them at the base. Perhaps you could change the design a little bit to make their base somewhat thicker. Otherwise, your model is beautiful, and completely worth the four days it takes to print it out in high resolution. Thanks.

I had this exact problem with the balustrade. I've printed it on high detail and standard and for both the uprights are both ugly and feeble. I'm not sure why - I'm at full scale, and EVERY other piece is perfect and stunning.

Beautiful, Winslow. Thanks for this. I'm printing out the base this afternoon, the other parts to follow.

Any idea of the print time?

Darth -- In high resolution, it's taken my printer (FF Dreamer) four full days and most of two nights to print out all the parts.

Awesome work! I'd definitely like to make one of these sometime.