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Fallout 4 - Pip boy 3000 Mk IV

by lilykill, published

Fallout 4 - Pip boy 3000 Mk IV by lilykill Aug 20, 2015

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The files for this model have been removed from this page, from now on the files can downloaded for free from www.MyMiniFactory.com. This page will be left for legacy purposes and I will still answer questions if posted.

From now on, all my future projects will feature exclusively on www.MyMiniFactory.com.
My profile page is https://www.myminifactory.com/users/lilykill.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Here is the my version of the new pip boy from Fallout 4. Be aware this is as accurate as I can get it with the photos and references I have so far. My design features a operating tape deck and removable game cartridges like in Bethesda E3 conference and fits all the phones the Fallout 4 pip boy editions can hold. For some of the hinges I have intended to use 3mm Dia. steel wire as a printed dowel just won't be strong enough, it will also need a length of 1mm Dia. wire to be used as a spring for the tape deck. Details of which, I will detail when I upload the part files.

The only file attached for the moment is the whole assembly as an STL, I will release the part files after I'm happy that it assembles and operates correctly but the STL still show the detail I have included in the model.

If you want a Fallout fix, check out my other Fallout props;

Follow me on twitter @ https://twitter.com/lilykill1, and instagram @ https://instagram.com/lilykill1/ and facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Lilykill-253119598353137/ where you can stay up-to-date on my current projects and releases.

Update 11/09/15
Just uploaded the parts but just to reiterate, I have not printed this, I will need feedback to make improvements if you have any problems.

Update 23/09/15
STEP 214 file uploaded of complete assembly.

Update 08/12/15
I have uploaded the new files that has the parts cut up to except for the parts for cassette mechanism which I'm still perfecting as I'm not completely happy with at the moment. If anybody prints this out in the meantime, the only part that will need to be reprinted will be the "MAIN BODY MIDDLE TOP.stl.". I will then upload all the parts for cassette mechanism.

Update 17/12/15
Cassette mechanism parts uploaded along with assembly instructions.

Update 18/12/15
BOM added and STL zip updated so BOM is included.

Update 29/12/15
BOM and assembly drawing updated.

Update 07/01/16
Forgot to add the latch hook, all parts re-uploaded

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What kinds of phones will work for this?

Is it just me or do the parts for the latch assembly not fit together? It seems that there is not enough clearance between the parts when you try to close the latch. Am I missing something?

Are there assembly instructions for parts (other than the tape deck)? I see a BOM file, but that looks to be just for printing details.

Where are all the separate parts?

it's in the last file of the list : Fallout_4_Pipbot_3000MkIV-_UPDATED.zip

you find all STLs and the PDF for cassette assembly

how many parts does this print in to or what are the maximum dimension
i will need for this

Made of roughly 40 individual parts, and your bed should be 200x200 I think.

★★★★★ Amazing ! Really good work ! Thank you ! ★★★★★

Anybody else have trouble with assembling all the tape deck bits? In the instructions it says to glue the deck plates in to the main body middle top and then add the pins and links for the for the tape deck and attach the tape floor thing. i find it almost impossible to reach the pins and links underneath the tape floor and cassette cover. Also i had to sand all kinda pins to get them to actually fit and now they just fall apart. ALSO, fromt he description I really cant figure out how to loop the rubber band for the spring loaded mechanics. Any input would be appreciated :) thanks.

Like I said in the assembly PDF, attach the rear links first, then loop the elastic bands around the hooks on the pipboy, then loop them round and attach them to the tape deck, then you can insert the pins for the front links. For the sanding of the links, they should be almost free moving but not loose.

Would it fit my iPhone 6?

Hi lilykill, I know you mentioned at one point you mentioned editing this for larger phones to fit as well. Is that still on the radar, or is that something in the far future?

Currently, I dont know. Probably not. I would simply measure get the dimensions of your phone and then scale the parts accordingly.

Ii download again,,it is working correct now,,,thanks

Hi .
Zip file is ee52bexxxxxx is corrupted ,unknown format or damage

I repacked and uploaded the file but I still didn't have any problems downloading and unpacking the the old zip file. What are you using to unpack it?.

does it fit ipod 6 gen

Yes it will fit your will just have to put some packing in around it so its nice and snug and does not rattle around.

Great work! But it seems as though the zip file with the individual files might be corrupted. It will not unzip. I see the issue that many people may be having.

I would try downloading again, I just did an it works fine.

It keeps on generating a .cpgz file over and over.

will it still move if I print it in one piece?

Print settings for Pipboy file?

Whatever you want but I've stayed at roughly 20% fill, 3 loops, 0.2 layers.

what phones can this hold?

All the phone the actual pipboy version can.

Question: the BOM.txt says that you need 12 of the Body Dowel but there is no file for it?

(is the the main body dowel?)

Yes, sorry for the misdirection. I will update and upload later.

how do you get all the separate parts i only get the one big completed file i tried to win rar the other zip file and it just say corrupted file

Try downloading the file again, if its still the same I'll re-upload the file again later.

i need separate parts ( stl ) you can do it??

The individual files are in the zip file.

printed it and assembly is pretty straight forward it is a awesome prop making it to match the Fallout Equestria color scheme the app on the google play for the phone make it all tie together. thanks for such and awesome thingy

So far I've printed these parts no issue:
All the Main Body sections
Body Dowels
All the Buttons
Link Pins
Screen Bezel
All the Knobs

I'm currently working on the links and other misc parts.

I might just be new to this, or I might not be able to find it, but are there any directions for how to put this together? I've downloaded all the files and can't find any instructions except for the cassette assembly.

As the cassette assembly is the most complex and fiddly part of the whole build I have only included for that specifically. The rest of it is just fitting stuff to the main body so should'nt be difficult as most people already know what the pip boy looks like.

still can't understand how to do the rubber band part. I tried to follow instructions but it seems the tension just holds it shut and does not pull it open.

Am I just a moron, or can you only download this as a whole part rather than just pieces

The part files are in the zip file

can i put an Iphone 5 in it also does it print in parts?
also if so where would i download these parts? - i'm new to this

I'm trying to figure out a way to build in a Raspberry Pi with touch screen. Can you prodive any details on the sizing for phones / screens?

Trying to do the same thing, but hope to have actual working dials and buttons.

The screen size from the rim of the screen bezel is roughly 72.5 x 87

Is it Just me or is the Latch Hook missing from the parts posted (the thing that connects to the Latch hook insert)

I've just noticed this myself, I have reuploaded the parts.

Yay!!! 100th comment!!!

Hello, great design! Just a heads up, for some reason I cannot get the Assembly Drawing PDF to open, it says its broken or corrupt. Would you be able to re upload it by itself or repack it if it is broken? Thanks

I have re-uploaded the PDF and the zip with the PDF. See if it works?

It works! :) Thanks! Printing it now.

I'm having issues with the print, not sure if it's something I'm doing or if anyone else has run into these problems. My current main problem is with the main body pieces not fitting together. The main body left and main body middle bottom line up fine. The main body right and main body middle top line up fine (holes wise in both cases). However the holes from Main body left do not line up with the holes to main body middle top and the holes for main body middle bottom do not line up with the holes to main body right.

Main body middle top and right appear to be sized larger than left and bottom.

Also the latch hook insert does not seem to fit the front middle bottom. If I was guessing it seems to be on the scale with the bigger right and top pieces.

In addition, I printed the two halves of the main body rear and when I put them together the hinge opening is too small for the hinge piece on main body middle top.

I'm using Simplify 3D and a Robo R1. I can get pictures of that'll help show you what I'm coming up with.

The operation that made the holes for each side was done at the same time so everything should line up. How close are they lining up?, or are they completely out?

For the latch, the tolerances are tight to keep the latch assembly inline. Depending on the accuracy of your machine, only a small amount of sanding might be needed to give a nice smooth fit.

I'm 99% sure it's a calibration problem on my printer now. I printed some pieces oriented one way and the others rotated 90 degrees and each of the sets only fit with each other so I'm positive one of my axes isn't stepping properly.


First, thanks for posting this. I'm printing one (slowly) as we speak. Your bill of materials doesn't exactly match some of the filenames however and I'm looking for a little clarification. There are also either some files missing from the BOM, or there are extra files in your zip...

Here are my questions/observations (numbered)

1) CASSETTE COVER UPDATED.STL: Should this be printed? Is it listed under a different name in your BOM.txt?

2) Is there a separate BOM.txt for the files listed in Cassette Deck Parts? Should I just print 1 of each?

3) You state Either print main body rear or print the two halves. Here's what I'm seeing

REAR BODY - HALF 1.STL <-- This should be "REAR BODY.STL"
REAR BODY - HALF 2.STL <-- This is fine as is

MAIN BODY REAR.STL <-- This looks like it's a duplicate of the current "REAR BODY - HALF 1.STL". The file sizes are slightly different, 2,265 KB vs. 2,262 KB

So, I would assume the updated BOM would say

"Either print REAR BODY.STL, or print REAR BODY - HALF1.STL and REAR BODY - HALF 2.STL"

Please correct me if I'm missing something, just trying to save others the same confusion I have :)

Wow, sorry about that. I knew there was a problem and had already readjusted everything but hadnt uploaded it. Everything has been updated, check it out an hopefully it's solved my error.

Is this print diffident pieces or one big piece?

The individual pieces are in the zip file.

The individual pieces are in the zip file.

Thanks for going to all the effort to make this! I hope you're getting closer to being able to post full assembly instructions.

One question on the BOM, how many of the Access Port Dowels do you need? The number is missing on that line.

Can't wait to print this.

O right, I'm change it an update the BOM, but you only need to print 1.

Does anyone have a .jjpg to glue behind the thing so it looks as if it had a screen?

Do you think it will last if printed in PLA?

Hello, what kind details must be duplicated? (sorry for my English)

Thank you in advance

I think what you mean what parts must be printed more than once. Ill write up a BOM tonight and upload it.

Comments deleted.

The Main Body Rear part is a little too big. I can't fit it onto the build plate and have purge walls also. Makes printing this part pretty tough. Any chance you could split that part into two pieces?

Yes, I will do it later an upload it.

When are you going to post the assembly instructions with pictures?

I will post once I've finished the design, I hopefully just pulled the last revision of the design off the printer this morning and will have it finished soon.

Thanks for the work that you have put into this!! I printed out one of these in a 90% using natural PLA for a desktop item. My printer halted about 75% into the print, and I used a slicer to slicer off the other 25% to print (using plain eye-best guess). It is almost perfect, just a bit of filler and I can make it look the part. None the less, I have 2 people who want these printed out at 100% (my nephew and his cousin). I can't wait to print them a set to use! The only difference is that next time I will pre-slice it so that I have perfect halves for them so there is less post-printing work to be done.

Thank you for you share. I wanna get the fallout limited edition pipboy but don't have luck with it . Thanks for you i can build one for myself now lol

Does it need supports?

Yes, I will try and upload the updated version tonight which needs a lot less support material and the longest single parts print time of about 12 hours. I'm still perfecting the tape deck mechanism but everything else is done.

As a mini update for everyone, Im currently printing out the parts of the updated design, once I'm happy with it I will release update the files on the page and try to include some exploded images of assembly. Hopefully should be done in the next couple days.

that would be great thank you

is the model that is up at the moment able to fit phones or is the model you are working on getting accurate able to fit phones?

Both current and the modified model are able to fit all phones that the actually pipboy edition can.

HI! This is an absolutely amazing design! Good job! When you finish working on the new model will you upload it as an stl? Will it be in separate pieces? Have you printed a fully articulated one yet with a moving hinge,lock, and holotape slot? If so how long did it take too print all the parts? When do you think you will be done modeling the new version?

Thanks, I want to try and finish the model by this weekend if possible and yes I will upload an STL along with an IGES and STEP for other who want it. Once I am happy with the broken down assembly I will immediately start printing it and make sure the cassette mechanism works, while doing this I will make a note of the total print time.

you are the bombdigity!! how many parts are left to work on? GOOD LUCK!!!!!! i cant wait to print this, its absolutely amazing!

I'm about 2/3rds the way through models features (there's 700 in total) which I'm updating.

Here is a link to the pipboy broke down to print. http://ytec3d.com/pip-boy-3000-mark-iv/
I printed one. About 24 hours at .3mm in gold pla. Everything works but I suggest making the cassette 1% smaller and the moving parts to the tape deck a bit smaller also so it moves freely. I printed the whole thing at 115% and it fits my arm over my shirt. I'm 6'2" 235. Just for size reference. (It can fit a phone) 100% 70x141, 108% 75.6x152.3 ,115% 80.5mmx162.2mm. I'd like to post a picture but since it's not the same maker and I didn't design it I don't know how. On the link there are pictures of all parts and how to build list. The creator told me not to put it on thingiverse but you can go to his site and get the stl files for free.

Forget that last comment if you saw it, i meant that for a different post, but i did want to ask, what if I took that model to a local 3d printing shop near me, and commissioned it, what would the estimated price be based on time and plastic used?

At 115% of size mine used about 2lbs. A day of printing with one printer. You can buy printed kits off etsy.com from 70.00 up.

Any news ? Really looking forward to making this.

I'm about half way through now. Just thought I'd update you.

Comments deleted.

I'm about 1/5th through updating the design, I want to try and finish it by roughly this weekend but then I still have to cut up the for printing. I don't want to give an exact date as I'm a bit busy at the moment.

Anyone know how many cubic inches of material is needed to print?

If you say 3 loops, 4 top and bottom layers, 0.2mm layers with 0.5mm nozzle at 50% infill. I've got 45.13 in^3. At 20% I have 31.54 in^3.

Will this fit a Ipod 5th Generation?

Surprisingly yes, but it ideally would not fit the screen size of the pip boy as the ipod screen is quite narrow compared to smart phone screen sizes.

This is an awesome design, and I am waiting for the updated version so that I can print it and give it to my husband, who is a superfan of Fallout. Lilykill, I'd be very grateful if you could update your design with smaller printing sessions, dividing the pip boy in separated printable pieces to assemble. That would be even more awesome! ;) Vault Boy thumbs up and blink

I really like the design you've put together. I want to print one at some point that does fit my current phone (Huawei P8). From the STEP model i saw the outside dimensions you've set for the phone sleeve are 142x72.5x9.3mm, so if you could make that space a little bit bigger for the next revision, that would be perfect (the P8 is 144.9mm high). I've played around with the official app on the phone and noticed that it seems to be very performance hungry, as the phone heats up a lot when the app is active. Maybe it would be a nice idea to allow some air circulation around the back of the phone to help with cooling, or else i fear it could cook/damage the battery with extended use.

When I've finished doing all the tweaks, I will make a larger version to fit larger phones. I have a Note 4 so I want one to at least fit that.

I printed Mine at 112% and its fits the note 4 like a glove :)

I have the official pipboy,as well as an earlier version I printed, but neither fit my Nexus 6 :( if your updated version could be big enough to fit that I'd be forever grateful

if your phone is rooted, you can restrict the CPU usage of an app. I can't remember the app name which allows it, but I used to use an app like that.

I will start building this tonight. Processing the files now!

I haven't written any instructions as I am not 100% with the model. I am waiting to get my pipboy edition to take accurate dimensions of it then modify my model to suit. I will then make a BOM and publish with some exploded isometrics to make the build easier.

Is this model going to change a lot?

It should'nt do unless there's something glaringly obvious I missed. Its mainly the overall model will slightly change (hopefully only a few mm's) dimensionally to get it like the pipboy edition and then probably some light detail changes.

Hey where can I find the instructions for this?

Hey lilykill, not sure if this will help with the design, but outsidexbox just made an unboxing video of the pipboy. Here's the link if you want to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeOPUFwsh3U

Good Luck with the design! I hope it turns out well!

Hey Riosm12, Im trying to stay away from leak as I have preordered the pip-boy edition myself. Only 5 days left till I have it.

Will this fit a samsung galaxy s6?

It should if it fits the specs of the original pip boy edition pip boy

Just curious how the mechanics of the phone casing will work. I know that Dragonator's version uses knobs to loosen and remove the cover, but I personally would prefer the method on the Bethesda edition where you can press a switch and the cover pops open on a hinge. If that isn't the case with this one, I would love if some one remixed it to do so. And in the effort of simplifying it even more, perhaps removing the tape player. I personally wouldn't use it and the tapes seem like something I would lose and the tape player part is something I could possibly break.

I designed it so your phone slides in from the rear (where you arm is). Only a week left till I get my pip boy edition so I can then have a proper look at its construction and take a load of good ingame images and make my model almost perfect then.

A guy named Yvo de Haas has a disassembled model of the pipboy on his website, check it out... im currently printing one and its amazing. mad props!


I printed that one. I don't like how the screen doesn't form fit to the phone's screen. However, as soon as I find a screen that fits it well, I'm definitely gonna try and hook it up to Cyanogen's android mod, because they have an option to display only in green. Couple that with a modified mini keyboard or mini gamepad, which all internals can fit in there, and then the knobs could be functional. I'm in over my head on this one, but I'm gonna try anyways

this is awesome! I'm looking at a 65+ hours build time :-P
does anyone know what the diameter for the arm hole is? want to make sure it will fit before spending hundreds of dollars and tons of hours.

The smallest diameter is by the wrist, this being 75 mm dia.

Great, thank you!

I'm tackling this, this weekend with my army of 3d printers (17 total). Should be able to pull some of the files into Netfabb and create easier printable portions. I'll make sure to Periscope it as well on my twitter: @thedavidleach

You rock for making these! Thank you!

It's a bit upsetting that main body isn't sliced in pieces properly. It's very hard to print, not even talking about 55 hours print time. I hope final design will be better. But overall designs look much better than evething I've seen. But sadly not technically.

He stated in the description that he will upload the split files later. Last i read, he's waiting to get the official pip-boy collectors edition before he finalizes it.

Yep. I'll wait until that time c:
As for now I've almost made another version. As I said, this model is awesome and I'll wait for the final release

If you do really want print it then I can break the front of the main body into a few pieces so it can be printed easier but I held off doing it straight away because I really don't like breaking up a part across any curved surface. I'm having a look at it now and I'll update you if I come up with something.

If you mean just cut it into a few pieces then no. I mean like in dragonator's one, split into many suitable for printing pieces. I can print it fully like that but it will take more than 50 hours, and also I'm not sure if some round surfaces will look good.

I know what you mean, the only thing is, is that dragonator's model doesnt contain the fine detail and surfaces I have included which makes it harder cut down into pieces and ensuring everything lines up when assembled. As his model contain lots of flat faces where there's actually a slightly curved surface it makes it alot easier to cut up for printing (I'm not knocking his work as he's even said he's redoing it when the game comes out, like I'm doing).

That's why I'm saying that your model is much better. But I can't give any advice here, sorry. Never was in such complicated models. I hope there is a way

No problem, there always a way, it'll just take some time to think about and get right. Trust me, I want to be able to print this out at 0.1mm with not problems to get those surfaces perfect and not have to cover the thing in filler to make up for it.

Hey Lilykill - awesome work and thanks for sharing!
Is there any chance I can try and print the pieces you've split up already? I'd love to give it a go and will let you know how it goes.

Ill try and get the files out by this week, to be honest I haven't had time to print anything. Everything should work in theory so it'll be up to people o give me some feedback on it.

Thanks very much - look forward to testing the files and of course will provide feedback!

Your work is brilliant! Go go go! I vote for IPhone 6! Please please please!

Bethesda quite irresponsibly stated that world manufacturing is its maximum to produce as many of these as possible. PHHHT! I challenged Bethesda openly on Twitter to engage the 3d community to make up the difference, they went silent! This is the only way that some of use will get pip boys. Mysellf? I bought an iPhone armband that I cut down to wrist band. Not quit as elegant, but gets the job done.

I think the idea was to have a limited edition/collectors edition that does have a limited number produced rather than call every copy a limited edition to try and sell more, that way they will always hold their value and be sort after.

No, the direct response from the president of Bethesda was that, and I'm not quoting directly, we went back to the world manufacturers and said hey, we want more, they said no, and we said ok.

Holy smokes! The suspense is killing me man! When are we going to get those spliced parts? I want this almost as much as I want the game. ; )

This is great we could buy fallout 4 with out the pip-boy with just printing this one!!! Thanks so much for your great work!!! :) I wish you could model the pip boy you pre-ordered. What software are you using to model your work?

Im planning to, hopefully there won't be a huge difference between them. And Solidworks.

When do you think you have the model split into different pieces? Also great job, love all of your work!

It's already in pieces I just wanted to print it out myself before publishing the parts. If you and others want it anyway that I'm publish if you really want it.

I'd love to print it, it looks so much better than others are

I just noticed I missed a light, dont know how but i did. Soon as I've added it i'll upload the files. If you do go ahead and print it, any feedback is appreciated.

I think we need to form a kickstarter to get enough money to buy you one of the pip-boy editions so you can model it entirely. This thing is intense man!

I already have it on preorder and that is my plan when it comes out.

are you going to model it after the different pieces of the originals? ive looked at different models of the mk4 but nobody so far has made a pipboy eligable to put glass/clear plastic ontop of the rad meter or on the radio tuner aswell as missing to make a turnable pin on the radio tuner.

I'll have a look but, since the phone fits inside there's very little space to recess.

lets thank todd- no, GODd Howard for Fallout 4

Thank you based god

aaaahhh, thanks I guess.