BATTLESHIPS - with Rotating Gun Turrets (No support required)

by muzz64 Aug 15, 2015
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Printed on a Prusa MK3. Gun turrets don't print without supports. 0.2 mm layer height. BQ PLA.


Printed with supports and the turret came out nicely.
I also made the first 3mm of the print have an infill of 70%. This helps it to float upright but not the most stable boat.

some dumb part of me though that the fixed file meant like a fixed stl file, not fixed turrets. Now i know why they weren't rotating. Lol

Pleased you worked it out and no it doesn't float. Just a model for fun...

Ha! I assumed the same - 'corrected' turrets and if that's the case why bother to print the original, non-corrected version? Glad I saw your comment before printing, think I'll give the original a try first. LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.

Now I can declare war on Jason in the meeting room.
Very well done my friend.

Nice! You need to make the rest of the set so one could play a round of Battleship the game. How cool would that be!

This cannot float.

Comments deleted.

Potentially yes but it really depends on how well your machine prints. If you look at a print with a magnifying glass there are often very fine gaps and holes between the strings of filament. Water will fill these. However, it will probably float but sit very low in the water. The other issue is stability... being so long and thin it will have a tendency to roll to the side. With a bit of 'post processing (including paint to seal the holes/gaps) you should be able to improve it...

the turrets dont work worth crap, they just break and fall off

...but they work for me and hundreds of others who have downloaded this file. The bottom line is not all slicing aps and 3D printers are the same. A precise slicing app and well set up machine printing PLA and with a filament fan should print this fine. I've personally printed over 200 of these (for a business marketing activity) on our MakerBot's with no issues.

If I could suggest anything to help I would but all I can say is you need to look at your slicer settings and/or machines setup / capabilities.

going to attempt an abs print

Sorry to hear you're having problems getting this to print well. This file has been used a lot elsewhere with few problems (a business I deal with printed 120 for a promotion with no issues) so it has to be something to do with the slicing app you are using, your printer or the filament... all are different. I know these print really well on MakerBot Replicator 2's and 5th Generation models.

I haven't heard of anyone else printing these on a delta machine before so that could well be affecting it... but also I note you comment about the built in Raft structure. There is no Raft designed in at all. I recommend using Raft (apply when slicing the file) but it's not designed in. So that could suggest it's a slicing app issue... and only use PLA for this. ABS will not deal with the angles / overhangs well enough. Even with PLA machines need a filament fan to solidify the extruded PLA quickly enough to build features like the barrels.

I'm not sure any of this is going to help in your case as your machine is quite different to what I've tested this file on. Having said that, maybe try a print of the one with "Fixed" in the file name... the turrets don't turn but it's otherwise the same model.

Tried a few times to print one these neat-looking models (rotating turret version, Orion Delta). All failed. :-(
The rafting structure hard-coded into the STL model didn't result in a smooth curved hull below, but only a barely horizontally-adhering bunch of strands.
One of the spherical turret bases failed to adhere too, which put all higher layer plastic on air -- or rather, left on the nozzle or nearby. One such blob of unplaceable plastic landed on the deck, which delaminated the next deck level, so the model was unsalvageable.

Haven't tried the fixed-turret version yet, but the hull-shaping problem makes me pessimistic.