Parametric Wrench

by MBCook Jun 28, 2011
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At first it didn't work for me, either. (I would only get two discs spaced apart.) Then I removed one of the periods in front of the "use" file referenced at the top of the .scad file and it rendered fine. That was a lucky guess. I didn't really know what I was doing... it just looked out of place.

JoeVanGeaux, Thanks for the tip. Your solution, removing 1 of the two dots, worked like a charm for me. I had the same problem as NilsR and those before him, but this is the best solution.

It has worked a few years ago but now it just generates two discs! Please fix!

This is useless, it does not work.

Please update it or remove it.

The model is missing linked library called "../MCAD/shapes.scad", therefore does not work in OpenSCAD nor customizer.

Add following code at the end of the file to make it work:

module hexagon(diameter, thickness) {
cylinder(r = diameter / 2, h = thickness, $fn = 6, center = true);

module box(b_width, b_length, b_thick) {
cube([b_width, b_length, b_thick], center = true);

For some reason, customizer as well as my own openscad application show just two cylinders instead of a wrench. What am I doing wrong?

Its because this model is out of date and uses code no longer included in SCAD.

I needed a M6 wrench as well as a better printed M3.

First time I used openscad :)

It would however be nice if the scad file included some comment suggestion for dimensions for other sizes than M3.
(Yes I that lazy, typing is easier than finding the calibers)

P.S. The not included shapes include file also defines the box function, not just the hexagon.

Very useful. I printed also the m4 wrench scaling your model 1.4x

OpenSCAD version of the solid version of


and same as

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4137http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... ?

My usual suggestion of tapering or rounding so it's not so fiddly to put it around the nut time and time again until it's fastened.

Parametric set of spanners
Parametric Wrench in OpenSCAD

I prefer the OpenScad version so I can make the key I want with the same file ... Gppd work MBCook!

They are all parametric.