LM8UU & LM10UU Linear Bush - Self Centering

by Gyrobot Jun 1, 2013
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Would it be possible to post up a LM12UU of this style. I’m using the LM10UU for my x and y and my z needs a LM12UU. Please and thank

I love these. If you making a printer using anything other than precision chromed rods (which I would then recommend the regular bearings) these are great. They have a bit of give in them which can help forgive a couple of small misalignments one might find in a true reprap build. I use these in my Funbot build and they do the job. Thank you very much for the design.

Are you using these bearings now?
I just printed one of these, but it's way to tight.
I use to spin a 8mm rod (with a scratched part) inside of such bearings to get them smooth on the inside.
It slides a little hard but that would be ok, if there wasn't such a distinct stick-slip effect.
I also tried several lubricants, WD40, PTFE spray, silicone lube, bearing grease, and so on.

Use a piece of 8mm (or 5/16th) threaded rod and run it through them a couple of times just be careful to not overdo it.

Hi, great design! Any chance you could upload a 12mm version?

Why use this over your other LM8UU bearings?

As these wear the veins flex to self adjust.

Don't you think this will wear down too fast? There are only 3 small lines where friction occurs.

Thanks for your question.

The concept behind this idea is that friction is minimised (as you have pointed out), that's how ball bearings work (point contact), but they obviously use harder materials. I hope that one day we will be able to have a great printable bearing material, although Nylon is pretty good.

Until then you can up the flow rate on the fly while printing so you can get this to print a little tighter than the design. The veins will then flex outward and over time as friction occurs they will flex inwards to keep the bush from wobbling due to wear. I guess there will be a time when the bearing is spent, but I have no idea how long that is.

Any chance of a 10mm version?

Hi, done, and uploaded.

Great design - I made a little diameter study out of it.

Hi, I have only just picked up this comment, what study have you done, have you any findings, conclusions etc, I would love to hear.

I could print and sell? with your permission??

Hi yes, you may sell these under the condition that you attribute the design to me.