Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Moveable R2D2

by Joe_Snuffy Aug 16, 2015
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Excellent design! Printed perfectly. I'm going to print a bunch more!

Amazingly well designed. I love how the parts move without having to print them separately. My favorite print to date. Great work!

Printed this scaled up last night. I'm happy with the results and will make more for some projects. Thanks for the design.

Use supports or not?

Oh nvm, i see the pic

I can;t get my center lag to retract.

Do you mean you can't get it to break loose, or it's free and you can't make the leg go into the body? If the latter just turn it 90 degrees then push up. If the former, it could be a number of things, hot end temp too hot while printing or over extruding are some possibilities. It does take a little bit of pressure and patience sometimes. Apply the pressure at the front and the back, but be careful. I've had prints with the same settings work fine with one color and not with another, sometimes I get one that just doesn't have a retractable leg, but usually I do. I find the slower I printed it the better the results as well. Hope this is helpful, been almost a year since I printed one of these.

Suggested print speed? I'm using an Anet a8, and from the pictures it seems like you might be as well.

I'm actually using a QUBD Two-Up that's been upgraded to a "3Up!" I can go as fast as 100mm/s with 35mm/s outer layer. I recommend only about 50mm/s as fastest for this project.

Came out very nicely. Legs and head rotate freely. I didn't think the movable parts would work so well right off the build plate.

TY, that was always the goal. I'm glad you like it.

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