Frame for 3D Printer compatible with Prusa i3

by Martinax Aug 16, 2015
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I like this, I may try making one using 5/16" threaded rod. In USA 8mm is not as easy to come by. I imagine a 0.50mm tolerance shouldnt effect much.

Yes, you can use 5/16" threaded rod:)

Great project.
What type of plastic do you think is best to print the parts?

Can someone tell me the Y part of the frame compatible with this one?

What rod lengths and distance between parts measurements in the video?

6 x 380mm M8 rods
2 x 210mm M8 rods
2 x 160mm M8 rods
1 x 215mm M8 rod
56 x M8 nuts
46 x M8 washers
distance between parts: http://martin53.wixsite.com/3d-printer-x-project/diy

Outstanding! It would help a lot, if the spacing information was in the assembly video.

Hello, Can i have your X-axis and your Y-axis files please?

Thanks in advance

other parts attached

thanks a lot

привет! скажите где можно взять остальные детали для оси Y ?

excellent project!!!!

HI Martinax - Are these some parts missing? I don't see the small parts for the front of the printer!

Please could you also tell me the best thingiverse page for all the other 3d printer parts, like x, z axis and extruder mounts etc.

You can use any prusa i3 version you like (link for my version http://failai.net/LM )

great job, amazing, and please could you please re upload the files for the y axis.

Please could you tell me the best place to buy the threaded rods from, as per you designs specifications?

Thank you

Any place is ok :) All dia 8mm threaded rods are ok, you can cut rods your custom size and build smaller or larger printer. (also you can buy rods from me:) project3d.tk@gmail.com )

What % of infill did you use and does it need any support material to print correctly ?


infill 20-30%, no need support material. Only need to change parts orentation (XYZ) to correct:)