Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Robot Tank Base

by tslove28 Aug 17, 2015
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so its clear i like this . so much i began to print some parts but i need you to mirror the side panel so there is left and right. i cant seem to turn it back to mesh to do it myself. the one that has 4 holes for the motor im going to try a brushless version. i bought the 608 bearings! for skateboard or rollerblades measurements are in the comments below. thanks hope to see it soon so we can print it and share in the fun! i posted the changes i made for bearings on bottom plate one left side panel and one idler wheel.

great job man i like the solid tracks alot. i was wondering what type motors you use brushed or brushless? i want to go brushless and add bearings. then go fpv through the snow! if you left anything out please post it so i can print one.

I used motors I purchased from pololu.com. Specifically the 6V 25D 130 RPM versions. I think their brushed... There's 2 versions uploaded here. The first uses a printed gear and an aluminium rod to transfer power to the tracks. The other uses the Hex adapter that Pololu sells to get power to the tracks. I haven't printed the 2nd one yet. I can try and make time this week to print them out and make sure everything fits together. I can also get together a list of the screws etc that I used. It will probably be Saturday until I can get to it though. Everything is posted here. I'm not a fan of the way Thingiverse won't let you group items together.

awesome deal i want to go brushless, please hurry as i want to print it asap before Christmas as a gift to me. :) guess i don't know about thingyverse not letting you group together but it is ok as long as we can get the full info we need. that brings me to how can i use my dx8 to control this also using brushless? hope you can shed some light i have a ton of extra electronics from rc flying. so to be clear i can print everything except the gear to transfer power to the track? the hex spur gear is that right? it will need to be fit for brushless. if you can also make the wheels fit the 608 bearings from anywhere they measure center 8mm x width 21mm x height 7mm . as it would be very simple since you have the original file. thingyverse or my computer wont seem to let me turn a mesh back to solid to work on and change though if you don't want to just tell me the exact dimensions and i can make it new on mine. thanks for your help. thanks for posting this way kool tank! i have big plans for it. :)

Just so I'm sure I understand, you want the Idler wheels to fit the 608 skate bearings? I don't own any brushless motors so I'm not sure what would be needed for this. The drive train is designed to work with the Pololu motors. I'm guessing you'll need a gear of some kind to make it work with the motor's your intending to use. Is there a particular application your using to edit the files? I can try and export something so you can make the changes yourself...

right the bearings are for the idler wheels they will carry the weight better. i can take care of the brushless motors and motor fit and gear but i need to have you do a right side of the tank side plate as i cant seem to make the mirror option work on my computer. and it only will make some small things back to mesh to edit them. if you could? i use 123d create it does basic stuff.

Great design, simple yet elegant. Do you think it would work well if you used Ninja Flex for the track pads?

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I think it would work fine with Ninja flex. I originally intended to use it with the tracks. I just never got back to reprinting it. I have some updates for this that I need to post. The motors I used are from Pololu, the 6v 25D's. I modified it to use their hex wheel adapters instead of the gears and the motor mounts. It saves about 6 hours of print time, and eliminates the 2 aluminum axles. If your intend on printing it I can get it exported and uploaded for you.