Motorbike Cruise Control

by mrclauds Aug 20, 2015
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Hey, did you met a person from Gütersloh recently?
He gave me that part for replication :-)

So great someone posted this. Just looked up what they're going for on Amazon and GoCruise wants $19.95 for this exact same design just probably made in ABS. Ripoff. Cheers to you for doing the moto community a huge favor.

I was thinking of designing one myself. Found this today and will probably try and print tonight as I ride freeway every day and one does need to rest your right hand from time to time.

I printed this as is and one will definitely need a rubber band or o-ring to make it grip better. So instead I made it 3mm thicker (now 8mm) and it is much better although still slipping a tad. Looking at your photo only 2 of the 3 "teeth" touch the grip but I haven't yet checked on mine. I want to modify it a tad to make all the teeth touch or even have 2 or 3 more teeth for better grip. I think if the throttle's return spring is a stiff one then this can't grip well enough even with the tension cranked up. Yes I agree you don't want so much grip that you will have a hard time closing the throttle. I will experiment some more over the weekend and upload a remix once I am happy with the performance of it.

Still waiting for riding season, but i might use an O-ring instead of a rubber band for extra tension.

They have been designing them like this for years. Its not a bad idea.

Hi nice idea but if it went under the front brake with hook that clipped on top of
the brake it would engage automatically and dis-engage when you pull in the front

That's actually a good idea...Thanks... I will start a design and test it thoroughly :)

Any headway on this?

Very very very bad idea... but nice design!

Well, it beats the old method of taking off the throttle return spring.