WRX Shift Knob

by WillsWorld Aug 21, 2015
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How would I remix something like this? I love the design, but I would definitely need to change the logo as I don't own a Subaru! Thanks.

Huge PROPS to you man! This is exactly what I'm looking for with a couple exceptions. I just started and I'm a total NOOB! Tried to modify this in Fusion360 and got immediately lost in the mesh. Would it be possible to remix this for a Toyota Tacoma and have it read TRD instead of WRX? Also I'd need to lop off the bottom skirt and just make it a round ball. Id be happy to give a few $$$ for the effort as well as extol the virtues of WillsWorld on the TRD forums!

How did you do the logo? I would like to remix this to say, SIR !?

What are dimensions of the print for each piece? My printer is a 5.9 inch for X axis, Y axis, and Z axis.

I just want a response since I need to know this. A friend of mine is asking for one, and I don't want to find out on a program that I have to buy it.

the pcs if spun to have flat side down is under 2" in diameter, it will fit easy if printed seperated.

Hey WillsWorld! I remixed this to have an STI Logo and adjusted the design a bit. I hope you're okay with it. You can check it out here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2467630

STI Shift Knob Remix
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Hope you don't mind... I just bought a 2017 WRX, and this model would not work with the newer shifters with Reverse Lockout. So I remixed it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1828132

Waiting on hardware before delivery I print & verify that I didn't screw up the measurements or the math. LOL

WRX Shift Knob Remixed for Reverse Lockout Shifters

Is it possible to some how edit this to take off the "wrx" ?

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How did you make sure that the logo would be oriented correctly once the knob was tightened all the way down?

The first time I put it together it wasnt straight. It tightens on the top piece by eating into the plastic and I didnt want to eat too much into that. I had to take it back off and unscrew the 6 m3 screws and rotate the top to be aligned properly before putting it on.Using a nylock nut for the m13 nut would have helped a lot.

Would this gear shift work for a 2002 model just out of curiousity?

As far as i know it should. I dont think Subaru has changed the threads. I know one guy who put one on his 2006 WRX

Do you need any support for the base?

didnt want to wait for reply, printed with no support just fine