OpenScad Revoloids version 0.8

by WilliamAAdams Jul 1, 2011
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Mr. Adams, please....is there a way to make them solid?
The following code does nothing:
difference ()
cylinder (h = 10, d = ring_d + 2, center = true);
translate ([ring_inner_d/2, 0, 0]) { rotate ([90, 0, 0]) { sor_torus (ring_inner_d/2, [ring_d/2, ring_d/2]); }}

Sorry to bother, but is there a way to make them solid??

Hello. I am a complete beginner in 3d and openscad, so it's a quite basic question. I am trying to join a revoloid and a cube :(, but I always get the manifold error. It should be easy!

include <revoloids.scad>
linear_extrude_revoloid(anglesteps = 12, stacksteps =12,
umult = 5, A = cubic_bezier_M(),
cps = [[0, 2, -1],[2,3,0], [4,1,-1],[6,2,-1]],
thickness = -2,
showNormals = false);

Could someone help me on this?

Thanks for your help.</revoloids.scad>

Really, it's "Isn't it amazing what WilliamAAdams can do with OpenScad!!" Great job! :)

thanks for the praise, but really I'm just filling in some holes from the well trod ground of the graphics world. OpenScad certainly does present some strong constraints to how one would normally go about this stuff though.