Cat Litter Scoop

by CreativeTools Aug 24, 2015
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Dear CreativeTools

I wanted to let you know that someone is selling your thing on eBay.


In case you would like to report it just fill out the form from the link below and email it to vero@ebay.com

One of my 3D object was also on the same ebay site and I discovered that thanks to another Thingiverse user (Iceytee) who warned me.

You have to differentiate that. Has it been an offer with only ONE scoop or did he sell many of them?
If it's only one, there's nothing to complain. Then that's not a business. If I print something and realize, that I actually don't need it (anymore), then I won't throw it away. I'd give it away to a friend or sell it on ebay.
But if I sell those things and print it after the customer's order (and more than one), then it's something different. This is piracy in that case.

Thanks for sharing. Just one thing to improve the design. Please use chamfers or fillets where the model lays on the bed, because the edges of the handle are very sharp.

just got a new kitten so we are printing this out now. thanks

What build setting do you recommend? Supports?

Hi, Steven.

The scoop is designed to be 3D-printed without any need for support structures. Just place it flat on the build plate as shown in the 3D-rendered image above.

It seems I'm unable to open the file. I've tried using meshmixer, simplify3d, and 123d design (the latter of which crashes attempting to import). Any ideas what might be happening there?

Thanks for pointing out the issue. It can be opened in netfabb Basic, but for some reason not in Meshmixer. We have re-saved the file and it is now possible to open it. Please download the file Cat_Litter_Scoop_ByCT3D.xyz(compressed).stl

lol! I'm always breaking the store bought ones. Maybe your's will outlast them! ;)

We are glad you liked our 3D printable cat litter scoop! :) We sure believe that this is much stronger than the cheap flimsy ones in the stores.