Space 1999 Eagle Lander Remix

by Micro211 Aug 25, 2015
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Loved it, it works incredibly! Thanks.

This model reminds me my childhood, was in primary school that time and every Saturday afternoon i was watching "Cosmos 1999".
Was always dreamed about one like this but unfortunately in the country I used to live there was no even shadow of a chance to buy a model unless some of your family member or friend was able to travel outside the border to buy one but it was still beyond the reach because of the price .....
These days we can have actually anything just design or download and print it out so I will!
Great thanks, fantastic work, love the details, amazing shape .... beautiful memories :)

In the 70s I stood gazing at an Eagle model in a toy shop. I had nowhere near enough money to buy it, I must have been 7 or 8. Now I've printed you're fantastic model I've finally got my own Eagle! Thank you so much.

I made one at 200 percent just need to paint it .

I made one of these at 50% scale in all black and it looked mean ..... until I painted it.... so sorry no picture uploaded

Parts fitted together really well.

Thanks MK

Will be doing this again in other colours sometime in future.

bravo pour votre travail et un très grand MERCI

Does the cargo pod detach and reattach?

is the pod slightly shorter than it should be? I expected the front and back sections to glue to it, and then attach the gridwork above, but either the gridwork is too long or the pod is too short.

No, the pod is supposed to be that way. In the series, the pods came off and had a distinct spacing. Granted that made no sense in the shots on the inside, but I presume that the pod had some sort of extension that connected to the forward and rear modules. In the plastic models of this ship that I have built it is exactly the same way.

I guess you're right, I forgot about that. It just SEEMS like it should mate at each end. I may take a small thin strip to glue along the bottom at each end where it's not readily visible to make the mating more solid.

Comments deleted.

made 1 very easy to assemble glue it together using super glue great design and thanks for sharing

Definitely brings back memories and nice to see quite a few people making use of it.

Very nice Micro, I'm quite excited to see that this project of mine is getting around. Especially excited that you are using it to test your printers. Keep up the good work.
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I remember trying to build this out of Lego, sticks and cello tape as a kid. Thank God for 3D technology!!

As a 7 yo pilot of my own lego version, I can say that this ship had a strange tendency to crash and burn frequently.

Did the same Crash and Burn in the series as I recall. I really have a craving to make one of these actually fly as a real rocket. I do high Power so Bigger is Better. Hmmmm, Parachute lines from the Truss to make it look right landing... Use 2 parachutes ... Deploy via altimiter.... Yes, it can Fly !