Filament joiner for multicoloured printed 3D objects

by RichRap Jul 5, 2011

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I have a milling machine and this gives me a super idea. :D
I can make a block and use the resistor with my temp control circuit I made a while ago.
Then I can see how much filament a the single color takes and measure out that much then splice each one together at the measured amounts. Would make printing the entire thing after much easier and would not require stopping the job.

Do you sell the blocks?


I designed the filament fuser controller ,, can be used with this thinggy . .


Filament Joiner / Filament Fuser Controller

This is something I was thinking of designing but didn't really have the time to do so. I love it.

this looks awesome.

How do you gauge when to change colors. It seems that there is a bit of magic or a better level of knowledge of the filament use rate than I possess.


I currently calculate it from the output Gcode, but it's a bit long-winded at the moment. A small program to make this bit easier is planned in the future.

There is a company that has done this. It reads the Gcode first and then sends it off to the 3d printer. You can use the tool change in your 3d slicer to tell it when to change filament. :D