Customizable Earring Stand

by stylesuxx Aug 27, 2015
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First off, thanks for this design. Nice and simple. Some thoughts:

I had trouble getting the hangers to fit in the stands. My stands' holes were too enlarged/rounded. It's probably my printer settings, though I'm not sure what to change to get better tolerance there.

Also, minor thing; it may sound dumb, but it's always hard to tell scale from these pics. It'd be useful if there was something to compare it to in the pics (soda can or hands usually work).

But thanks again!

I printed the holes version of those parts as well. My comment on structurally unsound refers to the way the parts fit. they fall apart on their own. No need to apply "heavy earrings!" :) The broken pins were only a side issue. Cheer up. This example serves to show me what to look for and not waste plastic in future.

I made another model of larger stand.
On your model the earrings falls and you can not see them.

Nice. You seem to have some heavy earrings there.
Not sure if one could to anything about that, do you have an idea? I like your solution though.
Need to see if I can find similar earrings to the ones shown and tinker a little bit with the design.

Thanks for uploading the make :-)

Hi, Can someone help with making hooks on hangers instead of holes in them, or even make hooks which can fit with the holes in the hanger holes.

I am sure I could adapt it, but right now I don't quite understand the use case. Putting hooks through the holes shouldn't be much of a problem, what exactly do you want to put on those hooks?

please help stylesuxx.....it will become a multi purpose stand

I will, I have a design ready, but the hot end of my printer died last week. .
As soon as I have it fixed, I will print it and upload it, stay tuned.

hi, stylesuxx!!!

Alright, could you please check http://www.thingiverse.com/download:1636747 if this is the way you imagined it? If not please tell me what you want changed. I have not tried printing it yet - if you say you like it I'll make a test print to see how it comes out.

Thnks stylesuxx.
Will chk its print. and update you.

Soooo, how did it turn out?

My hot bed is gone bad....planning to replace it by next weekend. Will share pics once printed....


I am deciding it to help me maintain my keys...as a key stand.
Pls help me, im not good with designing.