Motorised Marble Machine

by Alzibiff Jun 6, 2013
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hi any inputs on how to print the file without any glitches

Spiral fused together in most ot the spiral, tried twice any suggestions. Thanks

Print with less filament diameter

Wonderful thank you

Nice kit - but you should give credit to the original design at solarbot: https://solarbotics.com/product/kmms/?gclid=CPrY497w-s8CFQWLaQod0iQOSA

(apologies if you did so in the files -- I didn't download them)

And Solarbotics in turn credits Martin Raynsford (of "Just Add Sharks") http://justaddsharks.co.uk/about

Thought the same thing. Should give credit on page and in the files. Nice job though, thanks for the files.

hello. what in mm balls?

I bought 11 mm balls and printed all parts. Balls are too big (

How odd! Nothing I can add apart from the fact that this size worked for me - I didn't change any of the files associated with the original thing which includes the big wheel used to carry the balls.

I fixed it. Turns out I just installed the wheel with the wrong side facing the spiral (I didn't realise it matters!) and also I forgot about sand inner surface of holes inside big wheel;

Good to hear - phew! Thank you for replying.

I'm going to print a large scaled up version to max my print bed size. I'll see how it turns out! :)

Don't forget to make a video .... one better than mine!
Looking forward to seeing it - what size are you hoping to reach?


Based on my quick look, 189% scale is the max I can do with my print bed size. I'm actually going to hold off until I get some more wood filament, hopefully soon! :) I love the wood filament!!

I printed the spiral and there is hardly any rim around the edge. Would seem like the ball would slide right off.

Anyone have problems removing the spiral from the print bed, and have it actually BEING a spiral that comes apart? Every time I do it, it seems to just be a solid mass that doesn't separate, and when removed from the bed, it cools too fast and breaks if I try to undo it. Any suggestions?

Nevermind. I turned off the heated bed. :0/


how did you add the youtube video to your thing ?

Upload to YouTube (outside of Thingiverse), make sure that your uploaded video is available for public view - the default setting I think - copy the link and then paste it into the description. It then appears by Thingiverse magic into the gallery.

ah cool thx. that's real magic ;)

Nice! Now you could print the balls too ;)

Very nice! Mine is just waiting for a motor...

Inspirational awesomeness!

thanks for this. im glad i waited to order the motor

Excellent work Alzibiff! Guess I better warm up the printer again.

What diameter "marbles" are suitable for use in this machine?

I used 11mm ball bearings. The US/imperial equivalent is 7/16". I am also led to believe that standard pachinko balls work too although I am not too sure what these are!

It's a gambling game found in Japan . The player shoots the metal balls with a lever and the ball falls down and hits pins causing the balls to move in unpredictable directions. If it ends up in a special slot you win. It makes a lot of noise in a palor with 50 machines. And everybody smokes.

Thanks. Great design !! Motor is on order (looks like I can print the Motor Mount from here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:50095)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... and printer is warming up :-) !

Micro metal gear motor housing

EricW - I cannot follow your link - just goes to a '404' page.

the closing bracket somehow was added to the link. This one should work now: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:50095http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Micro metal gear motor housing

Awesome!! Any way we could get a full plate file?

Plates added although it is relatively easy to make up your own using applications such as Slic3r which can export STL files. The plates will easily fit on a 200mm x 200mm bed and have been named to indicate the colours used in my machine.

very nice, dont have any motors like that, but I have plenty of servos, might mod one for continuous rotation and give it a try.

The Pololu motor is certainly not cheap but the size of it as well as its other specs made it an ideal candidate for this application. I have since read about modifying cheap servo motors here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25245http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... and have one on order to try things out for future projects.

Alternative Energy Windmill - Battery Powered

Looking at the spec of the motor it should run off USB

Yes it does - I made a cable up for that very purpose - a nice (if rather noisy) office desktop toy!

Definitely should be featured!

Thingiverse needs more operational machines like this. I vote it should be featured.