Sliding Storage Drawers

by Intentional3D Aug 27, 2015
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I printed it on a FlashForge Finder at 80%.
The Tolerance Test showed me to print the .6mm stl file.
I did and it is a great print.

Do you have a version without the supports?

this is good and smart

this is good and smart

I can't get the support printed at 80% of scale

why doesnt cura regognize the support ribbons?
It shows them on the model, but then when you go to layer view they are not on there... i printed it and no support, turned out like shit.
Any ideas? thanks

P.S i tried reducing shell thickness to .4 b/c i though maybe that was why but still nothing

In Simplify3D the supports are corrupt at 0.4mm shell thickness but if you lower it to 0.3mm then it slices correctly.

Yeah, same for me
I had to use Slic3r
Why does this happen?
Something for Ultimaker to answer....

Comments deleted.

I'm posting a remix with the supports removed, so some folks can add their own supports with their chosen slicer. I've also used all of the repair tools in Simplify3D to clean up the file per previous comment post.

Can you post a remix with the parts separated and the pegs removed (holes left in their place)? Then design pegs so that this item can be assembled after printing and the pegs glued into place?

I added a version to my remix with all of the parts separated. You will need to manually remove the pegs with your favorite software. Try Tinkercad


Sliding Storage Drawers - No supports

I don't have access to the original design files, but I'll see if it is possible to do in Simplify3D. If so, I'll post that as an additional file option in my remix.

Nice design. Did someone shrink it? The design is slightly to large for my printer

Why? My printer has a 20x20x19 build volume

Depending on which slicer you use, just scale it down (or up if needed). Keep in mind though that will purportionally scale the support too and will probably make it unprintable.

It will also scale the tolerances

Even if it doesn't fuse (mine did), how are you suppose to get the internal support out?

The idea is that they are little ribbons. You grab one end and it 'should' unravel as you pull. Judging by how it looks in my slicer, i'd imagine the support will not detach smoothly. YMMV.

In simplify3d: go to menu "mesh", select "separate connected surfaces", then on the left in the now splitted object select and delete all unwanted supports. Then regroup the object. Now you can use your own supports. But it is impossible to get supports inside the drawers.

There are some heavy errors in the file. There are broken faces in the bottom drawer. And if rotated it shows completely
filled inside. So it may not be possible to print anyway without some heavy fixing.

Strange this is, netfabb shows no error in the file.. weird.

I have no idea how the author did, to print it and on what machine/settings.

Sweet, i've never used that function. Quite nice, however, now i have to put in manual supports -_-

In Simplify3D the supports are corrupt at 0.4mm shell thickness but if you lower it to 0.3mm then it slices correctly.

I'm having the same problem everyone else is. I can't seem to get a slicer to slice this up, and keep the supports. Has anyone found a solution yet?

You can slice it with Slic3r using the "Detect thin Walls" Option, then you keep the supports from the original file.

Makerware, Cura, Simplify3D and Netfab doesn't seem to have a feature like this ...

Scaling it up works, but isn't a great solution. I have yet to print it, but don't really want to at 130%

Yeah, I don't want it bigger. I like the size it is. Plus, it fits perfectly on my printer at this size. lol

Simplify is throwing a fit with the support width being under nozzle diameter or what it considers a safe ratio. Makerware seems to generate a nice toolpath though. Anyone have this issue before or know a fix?

Can you add a version with thicker support walls? Cura removes them after slicing...

Same issue for me. I've found that they stay put at 120%. Haven't tried the print at that size yet.

Great designs print with no add support, no plastic waste and looks great too. You got it!!!
Love your work it brings a preview of the manufacturing future to came.

Congrats on getting featured again! You guys have been producing some really neat projects.

Grats on getting featured.
Netfab is saying your tolerance_test.stl needs repair and repetier analysis is saying the normals aren't oriented.

Are there any draw backs to useing the lower end tolernces?

If your printer can't print that well, it will fuse together and fail