HMD-X for the LG G3 & Samsung Galaxy S6

by blue25i Aug 28, 2015
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whats the size of lens? can fit some 25mm?? awesome work!!

The diameter of the lense is 5cm. A smaller lens wontdo the work due to the much smaller FOV. I recommend you to get the lenses I mentioned in the details. Glad you like the idea!

Hi pablocho! We always simply tried out lenses but imho you cant expect good quality for that price. In case that the lenses have a different size you have to modify the lense holders.

Definitely one of the more detailed designs I've printed out of my printer. Looks cool, but I have two questions:

How do the mechanical parts fit in?

And how did you determine where to locate the lenses? I have some smaller lenses I was hoping to use but assume there's a formula or something use to calculate where to put them?

The mechanical parts, especially the ones that are movable, are not altered and originally created by the people of Oculus. We also realized that it's a little bit hard to put them together but we decided, due to the time we already invested in modifying the design, that we dont touch them so its up to your printing and assembling-skills to put the HMD togehter :)

We found the (in our opinion) best location for the lenses by creating some dummy lense-holders where we tested different distances. I'm sorry that for now I couldnt provide you a formula.

Hope I could help you a little bit :)

Thanks, that helps. I was wondering what the design was based upon so I could take the easy way out without having to design something. But, all good - I'll see what I can figure out with my smaller lenses! Thanks.

You severely restricted the view. :( why would you design it like this? Are you new to VR or something?

Can you describe in detail what you mean with "restricted view"?

Printing it right now, how is it with the lg g3? Do you see the edges of the screen with these lenses?

You >slightly< see the edges of the screen but at least for me it was no problem. Most of the google cardboard apps use faded edges so you wont see the edges. Have fun with your HMD-X :)

How do you think this would work with a Nexus 5? It has a 5" screen and a resolution of 1920x1080. Would your HMD design need to be modified?

It would work for sure BUT 5" is really the minimum. You will clearly the edges of the screen because the magnification of the lenses is only about 3 times. Additionally 1080p will really hurt your eyes when its beeing magnified. And I'm sure you need a new adapter-plate for the Nexus (I've not compared the dimensions of the G3 and the S6 in comparision to the N5 - maybe a already existing plate will fit).

When you are all okay with all these variables go forward. If you want a "nice" experience I would suggest using a minimum of 5,5" screen with a 2K resolution.

Do you know if I can use my olds google cardboards parts ( the v1 lenses ) with this hmd ? I just broke my cardboard and I decided that I want a more robust an optimized headmount for my lg g3. Thanks for the project by the way :)

Hey Nalf3in! The lenses from your old cardboard are way to small! They will not fit in the lens holder of this HMD and they provide a very small field of view. Also the optics are very bad. I really would suggest investing in the lenses I mentioned in the description or at least in equal ones. Have fun in the world of VR :)

I bought the lens that you link to in the description on here. Do I have to remove the black plastic ring from around the lens to fit? If so what lens side should I print out for them to fit? I'm not sure what the 8k means. Thanks for the help.

Hey James! Im glad you wanna build your own HMD-X - you wont regret it! :) You are right - you have to remove the black plastic ring in order to get the lenses in the hmd. We provided three sizes for the lens-holder (K should be suitable for nearsighted people, N for people without glasses and W for farsighted people). But whats the best for you depends on with what holder you feel most comfortable. I would suggest starting with the LensK and if its uncomfortable, try the N. Good luck :)

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I printed out N and they are rendering awesome performance and perfectly snapped into place! I'm using a cubify cubepro printing in ABS. The mechanical parts are not printing perfectly and is not the fault of the drawings is the printers subpar performance. Printing out the mechanical parts to adjust the distance of the phone is proving not to be likely. I know I could grab a couple nuts and bolts and just drill through and slowly adjust, and I'm fine with that. The only problem that arises is that light gets in between the HMD-X_Back.vmf and HMD-X_Middle.vmf. Do you have a work around for this? If not no worries. What you have provided is seriously awesome! Oh also, what do you use to control the phone when its mounted in the headset? Thanks again!

Hey James! :) Yes, I also had problems printing and assembling the mechanical parts but, to be honest, I dont wanted to touch these because the whole thing was work enough and assembling them "the best they can be" works for me. Its crazy that light comes in between the middle and the back part. On my print I cant see any problems, sorry! Since the HMD has no magnetic cardboard-trigger you have to use software thats "triggerable" by looking at a button or thats controllable with a gamepad or something. Some time ago I found the software "TaoVisor 3D App Launcher" - its totally suitable as a vr center. You can switch back from any app just by tilting your head. Hope that helps a little bit :)

Awesome! Thanks again for the info so quickly. I'll try hacking some sort of controller.

I just started to print it I want to know who buy lenses from my eye care professional . you have some data that I report ? I do not want to wait for the delivery ... I live in Italy lenses there WOULD well a month to arrive ...
Thanks a lot for the project . :)

Hey Ricky! Great that you give the HMD a try! I'm sorry but I cant provide you more informations about the lenses. We tried alot of types and had the results using these but we also know only whats been written by the seller. Maybe you can try some other lenses with similar specifications (2” diameter, 5x power apheric) that you can get faster. If you have more questions dont hesitate to contact us :)