Expandable Workbench Tool Stand

by engunneer Jun 5, 2013
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Awesome design. I'll probably be adding on more expansions soon.


Great design... I only have one problem, I opened the files and the are in the wrong scale.... about 22 meters for the largest square, is there any chance you could tell me some meassurments to have a reference?? For example the width of the mounting holes considering the wood must be 3mm the holes must be 4mm witdth?? Thanks!!!

the files should be in mm. the wood thickness was 3mm, so the smaller dimension of the rectangles near the edges should be 3mm.

If you opened the file with inch base units, you should be able to scale down by a factor of 25.4

Does anyone know why these DXF's will not import into Visio. I have tried using Trueview and now AutoCAD to export them as working DXF's or DWG's and neither work.

I drew them in Draftsight, so Autocad should be able to read them fine. I personally avoid Visio. When you save it out of Autocad, pick the oldest file format available (like R14 or 2000) and visio should be able to import them better.

you could also run them through inkscape as a conversion tool.

Perfect Design! Really clever.

Great design! The use of the u shaped pieces to hold the whole thing together is clever. I plan on blatantly stealing that for my next project. :^)