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Fallout 3 - T45-d Power Armour Helmet

by lilykill, published

Fallout 3 - T45-d Power Armour Helmet by lilykill Aug 30, 2015

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The files for this model have been removed from this page, from now on the files can downloaded for free from www.MyMiniFactory.com. This page will be left for legacy purposes and I will still answer questions if posted.

From now on, all my future projects will feature exclusively on www.MyMiniFactory.com.
My profile page is https://www.myminifactory.com/users/lilykill.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Here we have the T45-d Power Armour helmet from Fallout 3, consists of 49 items and the main body of the helmet breaks into 12 pieces that are doweled together. Due to the size and shape of pieces that make up the main body some sanding may be involved to give a perfect fit. I've designed it so that the lens can just be cut from any thin tinted plastic can be inserted inside where it is held in place with locking tabs.

I would want to test print this myself but knowing the fan following someone is bound to beat me to it, so if anyone has feedback on the tolerances or assembly please feel to contact me.

If you want a Fallout fix, check out my other Fallout props;

I have also done the T51-b helmet, link - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1013781, check it out.

Happy printing and remember, tunnel snakes rule!.

Follow me on twitter @ https://twitter.com/lilykill1, and instagram @ https://instagram.com/lilykill1/ and facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Lilykill-253119598353137/ where you can stay up-to-date on my current projects and releases.

Update 30/08/15
Forgot to add the main dowel part that connects the helmet together .rar updated.

Update 12/09/15
After having another look I've reduced the size of the ear inserts to free up more space on the inside and have uploaded the new STL'S. If you have already started printing then all you need is to reprint the following parts;

I have also uploaded some screenshots showing some rough internal dimension.

Update 02/11/15
Added an STL of the lens so you can use it as a template for getting the correct lens dimensions.

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When I download the file just has the cube in in.. Am I missing something?

Apologies but the files have now been moved to myminifactory, link here https://www.myminifactory.com/object/fallout-3-t45-d-power-armour-helmet-15253

What settings are getting the best results for you guys?

Printerbot Simple Metal using Hatchbox PLA @ 220 degrees on a heated bed @ 65 degrees
0.8mm Shell
0.2mm layer height
60mm/s print speed

I am sure I could have used less infill, but I like a little heft to my big prints

Awesome, thanks. I really like your design, by the way.

Any plans to make the full body?

No sorry, its to big of a job to do an entire suit especially with the exoskeleton underneath.

Hello, i just want to say it looks insanely good!, i just want to know that if I 3D print it, do i have to do it by parts or the full set?

What do you mean?. The individual parts for the helmet are in the zip folder.

oh yes i just noticed that lol, anyhow, i just want to ask: currently im learning 3D modeling, but i've always wanted to make the t-45 helmet (fallout is my all time favorite game) yet i dont know where to start or how to do it, could you give a tutorial, or maybe...maybe the file?, if you wont that's fine

pardon my English, I'm Spanish

I've emailed and hopefully it'll be changed.

fwiw.... he still has it up on his site

That's awesome! Keep up the good work

Would you be able to make a much lower-poly version of this to download? I don't have a 3D printer so I revert to Papercraft so I would need a low-poly model so it's a little easier to fold. If you do get around to doing this, thanks, and I appreciate it!

I can do but you would have to give me a roughly poly count of what you want so I know what you can work with. For most of my STL's I save at about 0.05mm accuracy, so for this helmet you have roughly 1,000,000 polygons for the entire thing. So if you say you need 100,000 for example I can save it out to that accuracy roughly but I cannot confirm how good the model will be after as it is an automatic process.

Mostly done, updated photos in the make. It turned out really nice. Many thanks lilykill

Look nice! I finish the helmet Monday. My brother took it didn't have picture taken... Im now making armor.

Hey, great work!

Is there any chance you realease the Solidworks files? I would like to recombine the subassemblis and that goes way better in SW than combinig the STL files.

I cant figure out the nose bridge, my parts don't seem to fit properly any tips? also adding new photos to my make, painting is no where near done and I am going with a very distressed surface , I think it is looking good :-)

also what the heck is the part name for the downward facing pipe on the left side of the helmet ( left if you were wearing it)

I don't think the dowels are adding much to the assembly process for me, I am not using them and instead tacking it together with superglue and then will epoxy it. They are providing more anchor locations to glue and epoxy though. I think I would almost prefer a tongue and groove system to attach the large helmet pieces together as they could be filed as needed to fit if the print warps. I have added a couple updated photos in my make, as well as a quick base prime painting of the main helmet parts so I can get a feel for what it will look like. Additionally I printed at 1.15% and it is big, I would say 1.10% would be big enough for anyone, and if I did it again I would only oversize it to 1.05%.

Looking good so far I like how it come out. My progress been slow due to work and things I need to do. I need to print out the filter in back. I will cover the lines with bondo or if you think there other way to do it let me know . I already smooth out most of the parts. I just need to primer it. I have to glue the helmet parts together as it was pain the ass from the start.


yeah the lines are tough, I am currently trying silicon sealant and sanding but it is going to take a few cycles to smooth things out. Bondo is probably a better idea. I am also not sure how smooth I am going to make the helmet overall. It is going to depend on how much time I have before halloween. But I may go back after and smooth it out.

I just printing the six top parts. I hope to print bottom parts. I let lilykill know once it done. But coming out great so far. Hope fit my brother head :). Total time for six top parts 20 hours.


Looking really good :-) I am amazed you can print that fast. I may try without supports to see how it goes. I am running a 25% scale model now just on the big parts to see how they go.

Im just printing them as is. Bottom parts may need support. Im going to print two front part bottom and see if it fit me. I did the measurement and it will reach to my chin. I hope so....

Will I be able to print this with a 225mm x 145mm x 150mm print area?

It I print this as it is sized is it a reasonable size for actually putting on your head and wearing?:-) Thanks, amazing work.

If you look at images 6 and 7 on the image reel, I've put both front and side cross sections on with dimensions. You can just measure your head and compare and then scale appropriately if needed.

Thank, sadly my printer froze 12hrs 45 min into printing one of the front plates.. :-( but it look amazing so far. I will upload some photos.

12hrs 45min for front part? That weird it only took me total of 8 hours to print both front face each 3 to 4 hours. Here my print out

I see you using support. I didn't use support on both.

Could you post a photo of your pieces next to a can of soda or a measuring stick? And let me know how if any scale you did to it? Bonus points if you want to hold it up to a human head and take a photo. :-) Thanks a bunch, I am trying to figure out what scale it needs to look the right size, not just get on a human head.

Yeah I am not sure I could get that quality without supports, my smaller test parts show I would have issues with the over hang. Cool you managed to get it to work.

Wow, I'm surprised it came out that well without support material, especially around the eyes.

I took same sample. I rotate the file. I use 10% infill. For it to say in the bed I use abs scrap parts I have and I drop in cup mix with acetone to make abs juice spread on bed platform so that the print adheres.



Here with measuring stick

I have the top left middle done, I'll post photos in a few hours. Its going well. I'm going to. Work my way around the top then print the lowers. After that the additional pieces. The front tops look like the longest parts at just under 24 hours. I ended up scaling by 15%. 10% might have been a better choice, I just didn't want it too small at the end. I am interested in how yours ends up size wise. Hopefully I was overly concerned and 100% is just right.

I be printing bottom pics this week. I haven't had chance. Reason why I use 10% infill really doesn't need to be that strong I get away with 10%. You want to add strength support than 20-25% works good.

I should have the entire top pieces done about next Tuesday. I will send photos.

Here the progress so far. I still need to attach the back parts. I need to cover the coves lines and gaps inside. Does fit my head.


Looks awesome dude, and that's great news.

Will I be able to print this in a 10x9x8 build space? just wondering

Yes, all parts are within 200x200x200.

Yes, all parts are within 200x200x200.

Have you printed these yet? I am interesting to see if they print and fit your head..

No not yet, if your looking for some dimensions look at pictures 6 and 7, I've put a few dimension in there for guidance.

And how about the head size? The helmet its in a real size head? The model have 309 mm x 309 mm x 395 mm

Yes, its basically been scaled off what it is in the game. To some people this still might be a little to small but then you can simply scale appropriately if needed.

Thank you! Do you know a stl viewer that you can measure the model internal?

I've just uploaded some screenshots showing some rough internal dimensions.

Personally, no sorry. If you want I'll take a couple of sectioned screenshots later to show the dimension with the dummy head model I've used and upload them in the pictures if that'll help?.

Could you possibly post a version of the helmet without the thingamajiggs on the helmet? Things like the light and the laser sight on the helmet? I have working parts that would be perfect for those, but I don't like the fact that they're already there... If you could, that would be great! If not, I'll find a way around it.

Do you mean remove them so both of the ear pod things on the side are identical and the insert of the lamp is removed?.

Comments deleted.

Fallout is the best lol

Joking aside, could you do the NCR Ranger Combat Armor helmet next? ^_^

well I'm currently doing the T51 power armour helmet, I want to finish that first.

Naturally! You're the artist, you do what you want to do. lol

Very cool! Do you plan on doing the entire armor?

Unfortunately no, I made this model as I really wanted to have my own helmet and I suspect loads of other people also want it. But, to do the full suit of armour is a huge task its something I wouldn't print and I think a lot less people would aswell.

I would love to see the full suit even if its a bit more rough and not in easy to print pieces, Im going to attemt the full suit after I finish printing the Fo4 laser rifle

Cmon now... That hasn't stopped JarvisWoo from uploading his Iron Man mk1 parts! He's already done with everything from the waste down! lol