Lenz2 Helical Turbine XL

by databeestje Jun 5, 2013
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just one sentence: Your Work is extremely bad documented !

What motors ?
How to mount the spinning part to motor
What specific electrical parts --> where to get
etc etc etc

Do you happen to have any information on max RPM and Max wind speed these will work in. How much torque/power they can produce at X size?

Have you got any results from the LG drive unit?

can i get the old files for the nema17 mount?

i cant get this parts together. this blind arms are way to short! or did i build something wrong?

I uploaded the arm again, it should be the right version. Do note that I just redesigned the rotating assembly of the turbine with OpenSCAD since none of the original drawing programs worked for me anymore.

The new design is a bit simpler, you need less parts and cheaper ones. Also a bit more easily configurable. The blade, arm and hubs are still the original design pieces.

can someone explain which parts i need to build the strongest version?
there are to much different files i gont get together :-/

Is there a build video available? Beautiful project though! Great work!

I love this design, but the struggle I have is a limited print area 200x200x190, I want to proceed with the project with my kids, but the size is too large for us. Any ideas on how to shrink the blades down or is this possible?

I did originally design a 25cm dia version which is roughly half the size, but I don't have fitting parts to actually make that work, and none of the original drawing programs work either.

You will have to wait for me to redesign the blades in OpenScad, then it's configurable too.

hey databesstje.

how has the turbine worked so far, have you worked out a standard voltage output yet?
and what about the elements, have any parts broken yet because of?

also i'm trying to make this turbine also on a low scale at the current moment to generate up to 12v then i want to take it further and make it generate 240v.

cheers mate,and help would be great.

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Hi. Really great work that you've been doing.
Are all the printed parts you're using PLA?
Does exposure to the elements affect them noticeably?

Have you been able to measure output power? I'm working on revising a turbine design too - the more I optimise it, the more it resembles yours or the AirEnergy design. I've not yet the capability to extract energy from mine, but I'd like to know roughly what I might expect if I get the aerodynamics right.

Hello databeestje

Great project. I'm in the process of printing out all of these components and putting them together, though my print bed is only 200x200x180, so I had to reduce the blade size to 80% and redesign the arm slightly. Hopefully it should all work out. Fingers x'd.

Thanks for uploading this.

Hello, Great project.
How many Watts you get from this design with your generator ?
I'm planning to build a 3-phase generator from scratch,

I would like to build one for camping
but I dont really like the idea of that stator
What do you think of using a car alternator from something smal like nissan micra
I have easy acces to car parts also the stator idea would require time consuming fidling with electrics
when for camping needs it is enough to use a good car battery and a inverter for 220 appliances
Would be nice to hear some imput of others on that
and thanks in dvance

hi mate how did you go with this idea ??

Sorry, a car alternator is not suitable for most turbine applications. It does not generate enough voltage per rpm to be suitable. Another drawback of DC alternators are the brushes, these cause quite a drag and inhibit easy startup.

A Fisher & Paykell / LG Direct Drive washing machine motor is about 60-75 euros 2nd hand. Some garbage or recycling shops even let you have one for free. The only other thing you need is a 3 phase rectifier which is about 20 euros or so.

I'm currently working on a model using NEMA stepper motors instead, they are about 15-20 euros a piece and have a voltage range that suit 12 Volt applications well. They also generate this voltage at about a 100 rpm, which is what most vertical turbines use.

Does the turbine matter if you scale the parts down to lets say 85%? I would to make one of these, but I cannot make some of the components on my 2X. I know there's an original, smaller version, but it isn't designed for generating power. Thanks for the upload!

Not really a problem, the only possible complication would be finding compatible screws, although that's probably easy to fix. I use M4 bolts, but a 3,5 wood screw with flat head in stainless steel would work just as well.

I do have a set of new blades with the proper Lenz2 dimensions which I still have not gotten round to upload yet. I attempted a gear drive using a printed MOD1 spur, with a 34t MOD1 pinion (5mm bore, traxxas). But that makes way too much of a gear whine at any wind speed.

I've gotten some T5 belts, but have you to print the pulleys for it to try that, it should make it alot more quiet.

Could use some help as my Mendel90 just broke the extruder motor mount.

Any chance you could upload the new blades?

Yes! I'm having some problems with the home computer which isn't helping a lot.

I'd love to help. We have two Powerspec Pro's (we are giving the Makerbot to another division, since it's a piece of junk). If you need any parts done, let me know. You'd just have to cover shipping if you're international. I can use company materials.

The pulley system is what I was thinking, too. And just hook it up to a alternator that will be near the turbine. The ratio will be interesting to play with. It all depends on the alternator (in my mind).

What new blade designs?

You can email me if you want, at [email protected]

A good keyword for googling for stators is fisher and paykel smart drive. its the name of a common type of washing motor around here in nz, there's quite a bit of data out there..

Hi Caldar,

Good suggestion, I was aware of the existence of the Fisher & Paykell drives but didn't think of it to actually link one to thing. I've added a link to the decogging of a F&P smart drive as that seems appropriate.


Brilliant design, thanks for sharing, i really want to make one and use it to charge an electric bicycle. Do you think it is possible to print a stator? I guess you would have to purchase curved magnets, and other complications...
Now for some power greedy questions. How much taller do you think you could scale this using an m20 axle? I'm thinking about using a 50mm dia steel tube as the axle (£10 per meter). This should be stiffer to allow it to scale upwards, the sky's the limit right. It would also be able to mount directly to the end of a 50mm scaffold tube with an off the shelf coupler. Mount this to the side of a house, and have a lanky version of your turbine!
How much power are you generating? average windspeed at your testing location?

I used similar scaffolding tube for the stator mount, so that's easy to adapt. It effectively already mounts to the end of scaffolding tube in that regard, coupling not required.

Making a stator isn't too hard since you can effectively make the required winding mounts. The rotor is basically a flat steel disc with curved magnets glued to it (epoxy). Not at all impossible. The LG washing machine motor might end up being having too much resistance, even after decogging the stator.

If you want to make it taller i'd suggest using a proper tube for the axle instead of threaded rod, because anything with thread is inherently weaker. Perhaps something like a properly hardened 30mm shaft or such. The M20 axle is only sold in lengths of 1 meter which also complicates matters. Then again, a 60cm high windmill is fine.

What you could do as you said is mount 3 assemblies above each other (180cm) on a 2 meter shaft with the PMG at the bottom. You could easily mount that at the top and bottom of the shaft using A brackets against the house. I do have doubts about the efficiency of that though.

I'm currently not getting any power but it's still on the fence in the yard spinning, it survived all the winter storms. The location is really bad though since it's behind the house. Other things need finishing before I feel like I can mount it to the house. (The electrical bit)

Tell me please, what printer you use to made this thing? Thank you!

I am using a Mendel90 printer, it has a 200x200x200 build volume, search for nophead, he has a good blog on http://hydraraptor.blogspot.comhydraraptor.blogspot.com

What do you think about CubexDuo? He can build a larger things. It will be ok to make this one?

I am not familiar with that printer, but there are not strict requirements in that regard. Most parts print fine without support, just a few need support.

Added a link to the storm aftermath video with narration. No worries, it's already fixed and back spinning in the wind.

Plans starting on a M20 threaded variant, but I need a new roll of white PLA first.

Just put a video up of the wind turbine in action in heavy wind gusts.


Can you please upload editable helix file?

Hi Kawobei,

I just uploaded the editable blade model, hope that helps

http://vawts.netvawts.net did not works for me. have you had a look at http://www.thebackshed.com/http://www.thebackshed.com/ good cheap info on the electronics side.

The windmill has been spinning in the backyard for a few months now without issue. The bearings seem well enough sealed from the elements to prevent rust. A small dose of siliconespray was applied to prevent any lockup.

For lack of time i have not gotten round to the electrics yet, but i did do some research on this. Thw http://vawts.netvawts.net forum is a valuable source of jnformation.

I'm trying to do similar project. Have you got yours going yet?

It's still ongoing really. I just pulled it from the fence after a year of spinning, I'll make a 1 year review when it's back.

The electronics is the hardest part for me. One of the others was motivation, I had some printing setbacks regarding iffy PLA as well as some parts on my Mendel90 breaking.

I've just uploaded a few newer parts, and I have a few more done in a week or so.